SplashMe - The Smartphone App for Swim Meetings

SplashMe logo Are swimming competitions an integral part of your life? Are you a coach or a swim club representative or do you compete yourself? Does your child swim competitively or does your club host swim meets? Or do you just want to be up-to-date when it comes to swimming races?
SplashMe might be just the smartphone app you have been looking for.

What is SplashMe?

SplashMe brings swim meets conveniently to your mobile screen. It provides you with real-time results, keeps you posted on meets, events, heats and lane assignments, plus lots more. In short, SplashMe packs loads of swim-related features into a neat and customisable app which is both user friendly and fun to work with.

What are my benefits?

There are numerous reasons why SplashMe is susceptible to going viral among competitive swimmers and all those involved and interested in swim meets.
First of all, SplashMe is not "just another" swim app. In fact, it is the only app able to link real-time to meeting results coming from Splash MeetManager. Splash MeetManager is the software used in many European swim meets! See Can I use SplashMe for my next swim meet? for more information on this topic.
As a swimmer you will quickly take to SplashMe because it
  • gives you a handy overview of both upcoming and past swim meets and lets you view all relevant information on them
  • helps you to be at the right time and place for a meet by providing you with detailed schedules including heat and lane assignments prior to the meet
  • shows your, and your competitor's detailed results within minutes of the race ending, including split times
  • keeps you from waiting until result lists are printed, from joining the crowds in front of those huge result boards and from having to rely on second hand information
  • allows you to create convenient shortcuts to your favourite athletes and highlights them on every heat sheet and result list
  • makes your mates want to snatch your mobile and have a look as well

As a parent or swim fan in general SplashMe will enable you to
  • follow your child or favourite athlete, team and event in real-time
  • view detailed schedules, entry lists, heat and lane assignments as well as entry times prior to every event
  • access rankings, time differences, and splits after every event, regardless of whether you are at the meet or somewhere else
  • escape tedious phone calls, paper mess, and the wait for results to be published

As a coach you will appreciate SplashMe because it
  • gives you a quick overview of the meet schedule, assignments, and results of your team and athletes, swiftly providing you with all necessary details when you need them
  • allows you to conveniently flick through the screens on your mobile instead of having to chase down and painstakingly search heat sheets
  • permits to view all lists either by event or by athlete
  • lets you focus on more important tasks and challenges

As a meet host SplashMe will help you to
  • make more use of your Splash MeetManager licence – if your meeting is already prepared with Splash Meet Manager, you are ready to run the service without additional information
  • conveniently publish heat sheets prior to and during the meet without wasting unnecessary paper
  • effectively share schedule updates and changes, even at very short notice
  • promote your event, thus getting the attention and exposure your event deserves
  • provide another good reason to take part in your event and to stand out from other organisers that do not yet offer this handy service!

Can I use SplashMe for my next swim meet?

SplashMe will support any event managed by Splash Meet Manager , an application which is prevalent in European swim meets; if in doubt, just ask the host of your next meet or look at upcoming events here!

What more do I need to know?

Actually, not a lot more. SplashMe is completely self-explanatory and access is literally at your fingertips. And just in case you can't get enough of swim results or would like to do a more in-depth analysis, don't miss out our search on swimrankings.net!

Where can I get SplashMe?

Click the button below to get to the download page from the App Store or Google Play.

Download SplashMe for iPhone or iPad (Link to App Store)