World Youth Championship RecordsLast changed 28 Aug 2017
MenLong Course (50m)
Lastname, firstnameYoBClubTimeDateCity (Nation)
50mANDREW, Michael C1999United States21.7525 Aug 2017Indianapolis (USA)
50mANDREW, Michael C1999United States21.7526 Aug 2017Indianapolis (USA)
100mGIREV, Ivan2000Russia48.3328 Aug 2017Indianapolis (USA)
200mGIREV, Ivan2000Russia1:46.4024 Aug 2017Indianapolis (USA)
400mHORTON, Mack1996Australia3:47.1226 Aug 2013Dubai (UAE)
800mHORTON, Mack1996Australia7:45.6728 Aug 2013Dubai (UAE)
1500mHORTON, Mack1996Australia14:56.6031 Aug 2013Dubai (UAE)
50mANDREW, Michael C1999United States24.6325 Aug 2017Indianapolis (USA)
50mANDREW, Michael C1999United States24.6326 Aug 2017Indianapolis (USA)
100mGONZALEZ DE OLIVEIRA, Hugo1999Spain54.2724 Aug 2017Indianapolis (USA)
200mGONZALEZ DE OLIVEIRA, Hugo1999Spain1:56.6928 Aug 2017Indianapolis (USA)
50mMARTINENGHI, Nicolo'1999Italy27.0227 Aug 2017Indianapolis (USA)
100mMARTINENGHI, Nicolo'1999Italy59.0123 Aug 2017Indianapolis (USA)
200mCHUPKOV, Anton1997Russia2:10.1928 Aug 2015Singapore (SGP)
50mANDREW, Michael C1999United States23.2227 Aug 2017Indianapolis (USA)
100mMILAK, Kristof2000Hungary51.0825 Aug 2017Indianapolis (USA)
200mMILAK, Kristof2000Hungary1:53.8728 Aug 2017Indianapolis (USA)
200mHINTZE, Johannes1999Germany1:59.0324 Aug 2017Indianapolis (USA)
400mGONZALEZ DE OLIVEIRA, Hugo1999Spain4:14.6527 Aug 2017Indianapolis (USA)
4 x 100m FreestyleAustralia3:16.9626 Aug 2013Dubai (UAE)
Percy L., Leong R., Jones B., Horton M.
4 x 200m FreestyleHungary7:10.9526 Aug 2017Indianapolis (USA)
Marton R., Milak K., Hollo B., Nemeth N.
4 x 100m MedleyUnited States3:36.1528 Aug 2017Indianapolis (USA)
Kibler D., Whitley R., Bybee C., Willenbring M.
Relays - Mixed
4 x 100m Freestyle (Mixed)Canada3:26.6525 Aug 2017Indianapolis (USA)
Gaziev R., Pratt A., Ruck T., Oleksiak P.
4 x 100m Medley (Mixed)Russia3:45.8526 Aug 2015Singapore (SGP)
Prikhodko I., Chupkov A., Pakhomov D., Openysheva A.

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