World Championship RecordsLast changed 30 Jul 2017
MenLong Course (50m)
Lastname, firstnameYoBClubTimeDateCity (Nation)
50mCIELO, Cesar1987Brazil21.081 Aug 2009Rome (ITA)
100mCIELO, Cesar1987Brazil46.9130 Jul 2009Rome (ITA)
200mBIEDERMANN, Paul1986Germany1:42.0028 Jul 2009Rome (ITA)
400mBIEDERMANN, Paul1986Germany3:40.0726 Jul 2009Rome (ITA)
800mZHANG, Lin1987China7:32.1229 Jul 2009Rome (ITA)
1500mSUN, Yang1991China14:34.1431 Jul 2011Shanghai (CHN)
50mTANCOCK, Liam1985Great Britain24.042 Aug 2009Rome (ITA)
100mPEIRSOL, Aaron1983United States52.192 Aug 2009Rome (ITA)
200mPEIRSOL, Aaron1983United States1:51.9231 Jul 2009Rome (ITA)
50mPEATY, Adam1994Great Britain25.9525 Jul 2017Budapest (HUN)
50mPEATY, Adam1994Great Britain26.1025 Jul 2017Budapest (HUN)
100mPEATY, Adam1994Great Britain57.4724 Jul 2017Budapest (HUN)
200mCHUPKOV, Anton1997Russia2:06.9628 Jul 2017Budapest (HUN)
50mCAVIC, Milorad1984Serbia22.6727 Jul 2009Rome (ITA)
100mPHELPS, Michael1985United States49.821 Aug 2009Rome (ITA)
200mPHELPS, Michael1985United States1:51.5129 Jul 2009Rome (ITA)
200mLOCHTE, Ryan1984United States1:54.0028 Jul 2011Shanghai (CHN)
400mKALISZ, Chase T1994United States4:05.9030 Jul 2017Budapest (HUN)
4 x 100m FreestyleUnited States3:09.2126 Jul 2009Rome (ITA)
Phelps M., Lochte R., Grevers M., Adrian N.
4 x 200m FreestyleUnited States6:58.5531 Jul 2009Rome (ITA)
Phelps M., Berens R., Walters D., Lochte R.
4 x 100m MedleyUnited States3:27.282 Aug 2009Rome (ITA)
Peirsol A., Shanteau E., Phelps M., Walters D.
Relays - Mixed
4 x 100m Freestyle (Mixed)United States3:19.6029 Jul 2017Budapest (HUN)
Dressel C., Adrian N., Comerford M., Manuel S.
4 x 100m Medley (Mixed)United States3:38.5626 Jul 2017Budapest (HUN)
Grevers M., King L., Dressel C., Manuel S.

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