ZMC GrootebroekShort Course (25m)
#17087 - Grootebroek (NED)27 May 2018


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MenPts.Previous personal best time
BOONE, Han - 1977
25m FreestyleTimed Final 1.13.62-25m13.5498.8%9 Dec 2017
100m MedleyTimed Final 3.1:15.1030025m1:14.4498.3%6 Jan 2018
GRIFT van de, Stefan - 1987
400m FreestyleTimed Final 2.5:23.6028225m
50m BreaststrokeTimed Final 1.34.2040225m32.5390.5%13 Dec 2009
100m MedleyTimed Final 1.1:11.1735325m1:07.6190.2%2 Oct 2010
WomenPts.Previous personal best time
AAN HET ROT, Margriet - 1986
100m BreaststrokeTimed Final 2.1:36.1027325m1:31.3290.3%14 May 2011
100m MedleyTimed Final4.1:27.0127625m1:25.2095.9%15 Feb 2014
VISSERMAN, Miriam - 1987
100m BackstrokeTimed Final 2.1:24.6027525m1:18.1085.2%15 Oct 2011
100m MedleyTimed Final 3.1:21.1634025m1:15.7287.0%18 Dec 2011
Mixed4 x 50m FreestyleTimed Final 2.2:11.83-25mVisserman M., van de Grift S., Aan het Rot M., Boone H.
Percents are calculated by the quotient of the squares of old and new besttime.