FINA: 15th World ChampionshipsLong Course (50m)
Barcelona (ESP)28 Jul - 4 Aug 2013

SWE - Sweden

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MenPts.Previous personal best time
SJOEDIN, Simon - 1986
200m MedleyPrelim4.1:58.0290150m1:59.16101.9%5 Apr 2013
200m MedleySemifinal8.1:58.1789750m
200m MedleyFinal8.1:59.7986150m
400m MedleyPrelim18.4:21.7480850m4:20.9699.4%3 Dec 2011
SKAGIUS, Johannes - 1995
50m BreaststrokeSemifinal5.27.1692050m27.62103.4%12 Jul 2013
50m BreaststrokeFinal7.27.4888850m
50m BreaststrokePrelim15.27.5788050m
100m BreaststrokePrelim23.1:00.9482350m1:00.8599.7%21 Apr 2013
WomenPts.Previous personal best time
COLEMAN, Michelle - 1993
100m Freestyle4 x 100m Freestyle, FinalRelay53.9190050m54.26101.3%30 Apr 2013
100m Freestyle4 x 100m Freestyle, PrelimRelay54.5087150m
100m FreestylePrelim10.54.5387050m
100m FreestyleSemifinal12.54.6286550m
200m FreestyleSemifinal10.1:56.9090250m1:57.16100.4%28 Apr 2013
200m FreestylePrelim13.1:58.1787350m
100m Backstroke4 x 100m Medley, PrelimRelay1:02.3081150m1:01.3396.9%27 Apr 2013
EJDERVIK, Rebecca - 1987
50m BreaststrokePrelim13.31.3982850m31.0397.7%30 Jun 2011
50m BreaststrokeSemifinal16.31.7380150m
GARDELL, Stina - 1990
200m MedleyPrelim17.2:14.0283350m2:12.2997.4%23 May 2012
400m MedleyPrelim16.4:44.5082050m4:38.4695.8%21 May 2012
HANSSON, Louise - 1996
50m ButterflyPrelim21.26.7176550m26.5198.5%2 Mar 2013
100m ButterflyPrelim26.1:00.1178650m58.6295.1%2 Mar 2013
100m Freestyle Lap4 x 100m Freestyle, FinalRelay54.27-50m55.05102.9%29 Jun 2013
100m Freestyle Lap4 x 100m Freestyle, PrelimRelay55.08-50m
100m Freestyle Lap4 x 100m Medley, PrelimRelay55.16-50m
HOESTMAN, Joline - 1988
100m BreaststrokePrelim24.1:08.6382450m1:07.2195.9%27 Jul 2009
200m BreaststrokePrelim19.2:28.4182350m2:22.2491.9%30 Jul 2009
100m Breaststroke Lap4 x 100m Medley, PrelimRelay1:07.89-50m1:07.6999.4%15 Aug 2010
JOHANSSON, Jennie - 1988
50m BreaststrokeFinal5.30.2392750m30.61102.5%4 Jul 2013
50m BreaststrokePrelim5.30.5589850m
50m BreaststrokeSemifinal8.30.6688850m
100m BreaststrokeSemifinal7.1:06.9688750m1:06.6899.2%27 Apr 2013
100m BreaststrokePrelim8.1:07.2187750m
100m BreaststrokeFinal8.1:07.4186950m
KURAS, Magdalena - 1988
50m BackstrokePrelim31.29.3978050m28.7595.7%28 Jun 2012
LINDBORG, Nathalie - 1991
100m Freestyle Lap4 x 100m Freestyle, PrelimRelay55.36-50m55.2499.6%27 May 2012
100m Freestyle Lap4 x 100m Freestyle, FinalRelay55.43-50m
SJOESTROEM, Sarah - 1993
50m FreestyleFinal4.24.4591450m24.70102.1%4 Apr 2013
50m FreestyleSemifinal6.24.6589250m
50m FreestylePrelim8.24.9985650m
100m FreestyleSemifinal1.52.8795450m53.05100.7%4 Dec 2011
100m FreestyleFinal 2.52.8995350m
100m FreestylePrelim3.53.6191550m
200m FreestyleSemifinal5.1:56.3891450m1:55.2398.0%5 Mar 2012
200m FreestyleFinal4.1:56.6390950m
200m FreestylePrelim9.1:57.6488550m
100m ButterflyFinal 1.56.5394550m56.0698.3%27 Jul 2009
100m ButterflySemifinal1.57.1091750m
100m ButterflyPrelim2.57.2890850m
100m Freestyle Lap4 x 100m Freestyle, FinalRelay52.95-50m53.14100.7%26 Jul 2009
100m Freestyle Lap4 x 100m Freestyle, PrelimRelay53.13-50m
100m Butterfly Lap4 x 100m Medley, PrelimRelay57.48-50m56.8497.8%6 Jul 2013
Women4 x 100m FreestyleFinal4.3:36.5692050mColeman M., Hansson L., Sjoestroem S., Lindborg N.
Women4 x 100m FreestylePrelim4.3:38.0790150mColeman M., Hansson L., Sjoestroem S., Lindborg N.
Women4 x 100m MedleyPrelim9.4:02.8387250mColeman M., Hoestman J., Sjoestroem S., Hansson L.
Percents are calculated by the quotient of the squares of old and new besttime.