FINA: 10th World Short Course ChampionshipsShort Course (25m)
Dubai (UAE)15 - 19 Dec 2010

DEN - Denmark

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MenPts.Previous personal best time
GLAESNER, Mads - 1988
200m FreestylePrelim18.1:45.1484425m1:43.7797.4%15 Nov 2009
400m FreestyleFinal5.3:38.5691525m3:36.8298.4%10 Dec 2009
400m FreestylePrelim3.3:39.9889825m
400m Freestyle1500m Freestyle, Fastest HeatSplit3:47.3681325m
800m Freestyle1500m Freestyle, Fastest HeatSplit7:41.5188625m7:39.4599.1%12 Dec 2009
1500m FreestyleFastest Heat2.14:29.5292725m14:26.7499.4%12 Dec 2009
WomenPts.Previous personal best time
BLUME, Pernille - 1994
50m FreestylePrelim24.25.0979425m25.39102.4%2 Dec 2010
100m FreestylePrelim23.54.6580825m54.4999.4%4 Dec 2010
200m FreestylePrelim27.1:59.0280625m1:58.1898.6%5 Dec 2010
FRIIS, Lotte - 1988
400m Freestyle800m Freestyle, Fastest HeatSplit4:04.6288125m3:59.0695.5%12 Dec 2009
400m FreestylePrelim12.4:06.2486325m
800m FreestyleFastest Heat4.8:14.2291225m8:04.6196.1%14 Nov 2009
LARSEN, Pernille - 1992
50m BackstrokePrelim37.29.1668225m27.5789.4%12 Dec 2009
100m BackstrokePrelim28.1:00.6074825m57.7390.8%10 Dec 2009
200m BackstrokePrelim16.2:09.4878025m2:03.5091.0%13 Dec 2009
OTTESEN, Jeanette - 1987
100m FreestylePrelim8.53.3187025m51.9094.8%20 Dec 2009
50m ButterflyFinal 3.25.2490125m25.1899.5%11 Nov 2009
50m ButterflySemifinal5.25.5387025m
50m ButterflyPrelim6.25.7784625m
100m ButterflyFinal6.56.6789425m55.8697.2%14 Nov 2009
100m ButterflySemifinal5.56.7489125m
100m ButterflyPrelim4.56.9088425m
PEDERSEN, Rikke Moeller - 1989
50m BreaststrokeSemifinal12.30.6581525m30.1897.0%20 Dec 2009
50m BreaststrokePrelim13.31.0878225m
100m BreaststrokeFinal4.1:04.8089125m1:04.2198.2%19 Dec 2009
100m BreaststrokeSemifinal5.1:05.3386925m
100m BreaststrokePrelim7.1:05.8484925m
200m BreaststrokeFinal 3.2:18.8291025m2:16.6696.9%11 Dec 2009
200m BreaststrokePrelim3.2:20.8987125m
Women4 x 100m MedleyPrelimDSQ3:54.39-25mLarsen P., Pedersen R., Ottesen J., Blume P.
Percents are calculated by the quotient of the squares of old and new besttime.