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North Baltimore Aquatic Club
Personal bests, Alltime
EventCourseTimePts.DateCity (Nation)Meet
50m Freestyle50m24.865958 Jul 2012BaltimoreNorth Baltimore mid summer classic
100m Freestyle50m1:08.2932416 Jul 2007BaltimoreNbac Mid Summer Classic
200m Freestyle50m1:49.9879714 Apr 2016MesaArena Pro Swim Series
200m Freestyle25m1:47.397928 Aug 2013Eindhoven (NED)FINA: World Cup No 1 - 2013 Series
400m Freestyle50m3:59.5477529 Mar 2012IndianapolisGrand Prix
800m Freestyle50m8:40.7365416 May 2010CharlotteUltra Swim
1500m Freestyle50m16:33.8167313 May 2010CharlotteUltra Swim
50m Backstroke50m35.7230412 Jun 2006BaltimoreNBAC Championships
100m Backstroke50m57.577308 Jul 2012BaltimoreNorth Baltimore mid summer classic
200m Backstroke50m2:01.987725 Mar 2016OrlandoArena Pro Series
200m Backstroke25m2:05.7659219 Oct 2011Moscow (RUS)FINA: World Cup No 3 - 2011 Series
100m Breaststroke50m1:01.647968 Jul 2018ColumbusPro Swim Series
100m Breaststroke25m1:02.2771219 Oct 2011Moscow (RUS)FINA: World Cup No 3 - 2011 Series
200m Breaststroke50m2:09.9093417 May 2018IndianapolisTYR Pro Swim Series - Ind
200m Breaststroke25m2:07.008527 Aug 2013Eindhoven (NED)FINA: World Cup No 1 - 2013 Series
50m Butterfly50m35.4025411 Jun 2006BaltimoreNBAC Championships
100m Butterfly50m53.528066 Jul 2018ColumbusPro Swim Series
100m Butterfly25m55.6664423 Oct 2011Berlin (GER)FINA: World Cup No 4 - 2011 Series
200m Butterfly50m1:54.7991627 Jun 2017IndianapolisUS World Championship Trials
200m Butterfly25m1:57.7778310 Aug 2013Berlin (GER)FINA: World Cup No 2 - 2013 Series
100m Medley25m59.765967 Aug 2013Eindhoven (NED)FINA: World Cup No 1 - 2013 Series
200m Medley50m1:55.4096411 Aug 2018Tokyo (JPN)13th Pan Pacific Championships
200m Medley25m1:54.2688321 Dec 2013Glasgow (GBR)Duel in the Pool
400m Medley50m4:05.9097530 Jul 2017Budapest (HUN)FINA: 17th World Championships
400m Medley25m4:02.4091720 Dec 2013Glasgow (GBR)Duel in the Pool
200m Freestyle Lap50m1:50.42-23 Aug 2012HawaiiJunior Pan Pacific Championships