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USA - United States
Blount Area Swim Team
Personal bests, Alltime
EventCourseTimePts.DateCity (Nation)Meet
50m Freestyle50m26.307343 Dec 2015Federal WayUS Winter National Championships
50m Freestyle25m25.8672510 Aug 2013Berlin (GER)FINA: World Cup No 2 - 2013 Series
100m Freestyle50m1:00.8862513 Feb 2016PlantationLCM Sectional Qualifier
100m Backstroke50m1:10.795532 Aug 2005HoustonUS Southern Zones Championships
200m Backstroke50m2:35.585072 Aug 2005HoustonUS Southern Zones Championships
50m Butterfly50m26.098217 Aug 2014IrvineUS Championships
50m Butterfly25m25.8483913 Dec 2012Istanbul (TUR)FINA: 11th World Short Course ...
50m Butterfly25m25.848394 Dec 2014Doha (QAT)FINA: 12th World Short Course ...
100m Butterfly50m57.4290228 Jul 2012London (GBR)XXX Olympic Games
100m Butterfly25m56.8388720 Dec 2013Glasgow (GBR)Duel in the Pool
200m Butterfly50m2:10.168195 Aug 2011StanfordUS National Championships
200m Butterfly25m2:07.6182321 Dec 2013Glasgow (GBR)Duel in the Pool
200m Medley50m2:31.635752 Aug 2005HoustonUS Southern Zones Championships
400m Medley50m5:22.485632 Aug 2005HoustonUS Southern Zones Championships
50m Butterfly Lap25m25.33-5 Dec 2014Doha (QAT)FINA: 12th World Short Course ...
100m Butterfly Lap50m58.05-3 Aug 2012London (GBR)XXX Olympic Games
100m Butterfly Lap25m56.80-20 Dec 2013Glasgow (GBR)Duel in the Pool