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USA - United States
Sandpipers Of Nevada
Personal bests, Alltime
EventCourseTimePts.DateCity (Nation)Meet
50m Freestyle50m24.266405 Aug 2010IrvineUS National Championships
100m Freestyle50m53.4867410 Aug 2010IrvineUS Junior National Championships
50m Backstroke25m26.8556611 Nov 2009Stockholm (SWE)FINA: World Cup No 3 - 2009 Series
100m Backstroke50m1:01.755928 Jun 2008Los AngelesJanet Evans Invitational
200m Backstroke50m2:19.5551511 Jun 2010Mission ViejoSwim Meet of Champions
50m Breaststroke50m27.2491229 Jun 2017IndianapolisUS World Championship Trials
50m Breaststroke25m26.1590010 Dec 2016Windsor (CAN)FINA: 13th World Short Course ...
100m Breaststroke50m58.879137 Aug 2016Rio (BRA)XXXI Olympic Games
100m Breaststroke25m56.4395712 Dec 2015IndianapolisDuel in the Pool
200m Breaststroke50m2:09.0895211 Aug 2015Moscow (RUS)FINA: World Cup No 1 - 2015 Series
200m Breaststroke25m2:02.3395411 Dec 2015IndianapolisDuel in the Pool
50m Butterfly50m25.9464611 May 2013CharlotteGrand Prix
50m Butterfly25m24.7868014 Nov 2009Berlin (GER)FINA: World Cup No 4 - 2009 Series
100m Butterfly50m56.4268811 Aug 2010IrvineUS Junior National Championships
200m Butterfly50m2:13.385849 Jul 2010Los AngelesGrand Prix
100m Medley25m52.4688131 Aug 2014Dubai (UAE)FINA: World Cup No 2 - 2014 Series
200m Medley50m2:00.668433 Aug 2013IrvineUS Open Championships
200m Medley25m1:55.4585628 Aug 2014Doha (QAT)FINA: World Cup No 1 - 2014 Series
400m Medley50m4:24.2778527 Jun 2013IndianapolisUS Championships & World ...
100m Freestyle Lap50m51.22-31 Jul 2013IrvineUS Open Championships
200m Freestyle Lap50m2:02.85-12 Jun 2010Mission ViejoSwim Meet of Champions
50m Breaststroke Lap25m25.68-10 Dec 2016Windsor (CAN)FINA: 13th World Short Course ...
100m Breaststroke Lap50m58.99-30 Jul 2017Budapest (HUN)FINA: 17th World Championships
100m Breaststroke Lap25m57.03-7 Dec 2014Doha (QAT)FINA: 12th World Short Course ...