TORO, Michelle
(1991 )

CAN - Canada
North York Aquatic Club
  • Height:175 cm  ( 5' 8" )
  • Weight:64 kg  ( 141 lbs )
  • Current coach:Murray Drudge
  • Current residence:Toronto, ON
  • Hometown:Toronto, ON
Personal bests, Alltime
EventCourseTimePts.DateCity (Nation)Meet
50m Freestyle50m24.6489329 Jul 2017Budapest (HUN)FINA: 17th World Championships
50m Freestyle25m24.0490310 Dec 2016WindsorFINA: 13th World Short Course ...
100m Freestyle50m54.148897 Apr 2017VictoriaCanadian Swimming Trials
100m Freestyle25m53.4386526 Oct 2016Tokyo (JPN)FINA: World Cup No 8 - 2016 Series
200m Freestyle50m2:03.517658 Jul 2009MontrealCanadian World Championship ...
200m Freestyle25m2:02.3574211 Dec 2015MontrealInvitation provinciale AA-AAA de ...
400m Freestyle50m4:32.426537 Jun 2009TorontoSr. Provincials and AGI
400m Freestyle25m4:30.286533 Feb 2008Canada Games AquaticJr. S.C. Provincial Champ
800m Freestyle50m9:48.7055830 Apr 2010EtobicokeDr. Ralph Hicken Invitational
800m Freestyle25m9:32.465872 Nov 2007TorontoHarvest Invitational
50m Backstroke50m30.2571529 Jun 2014MontrealCoupe Canada / Coupe Quebec 2014 (A ...
50m Backstroke25m27.9877223 Apr 2016MiltonThe Milton Skins
100m Backstroke50m1:05.8468725 Jul 2008CalgaryCanadian Age Group Nationals
100m Backstroke25m1:00.2576123 Apr 2016MiltonThe Milton Skins
200m Backstroke50m2:29.655697 Jul 2005TorontoLc Jr/Swad Provincials
200m Backstroke25m2:18.8763214 Feb 2009EdmontonWestern Canadian Championships
50m Breaststroke25m33.8960317 Oct 2015TorontoFall Downtown Sprint Meet
100m Breaststroke50m1:18.935414 Jun 2010EtobicokeAge Group International
100m Breaststroke25m1:18.3350417 Oct 2009TorontoHall of Fame Meet
50m Butterfly50m26.657701 Apr 2015TorontoCanadian Swimming Trials
50m Butterfly25m26.4778130 Oct 2016Hong Kong (HKG)FINA: World Cup No 9 - 2016 Series
100m Butterfly50m1:01.6372918 Apr 2008NepeanDivision 1 Championships
100m Butterfly25m1:00.497358 Aug 2009Leeds (GBR)British Gas Grand Prix
200m Butterfly50m2:25.415874 Jul 2010MontrealCoupe Canada/Coupe Quebec
200m Butterfly25m2:22.685893 Dec 2009EtobicokeYouth Cup
100m Medley25m1:03.0272720 Dec 2017Lausanne (SUI)Swim Cup Lausanne
200m Medley50m2:23.2368230 Jun 2011MontrealCoupe Canada / Coupe Quebec
200m Medley25m2:16.8670527 Nov 2010EtobicokeCanada Cup
400m Medley50m5:28.4253311 May 2008TorontoPerformance Meet
400m Medley25m5:09.4258913 Nov 2009BrantfordSwim Meet
50m Freestyle Lap50m24.77-20 Feb 2016MontrealSpeedo Eastern Canadian Open
50m Freestyle Lap25m23.52-7 Dec 2016WindsorFINA: 13th World Short Course ...
100m Freestyle Lap50m53.73-6 Aug 2016Rio (BRA)XXXI Olympic Games
100m Freestyle Lap25m52.02-6 Dec 2016WindsorFINA: 13th World Short Course ...
200m Freestyle Lap50m2:07.05-8 Jan 2009Guam (GUM)Junior Pan Pacific Championships
200m Freestyle Lap25m2:02.05-24 Aug 2009CharlottetownCanada Games
100m Butterfly Lap50m1:03.36-8 Jan 2009Guam (GUM)Junior Pan Pacific Championships
100m Butterfly Lap25m1:03.01-9 Dec 2007Tualatin Hill (USA)OR Paul Bergen Junior ...