MACLEAN, Brittany
(1994 )

CAN - Canada
Etobicoke Swim Club
Personal bests, Alltime
EventCourseTimePts.DateCity (Nation)Meet
25m Freestyle25m19.25-12 Oct 2002Whitby1st Annual Whitby Saturn Fall
50m Freestyle50m26.3073419 Jul 2009MontrealCanadian Age Group Championships
50m Freestyle25m25.777334 Dec 2010EtobicokeYouth Cup
100m Freestyle50m55.6581820 Aug 2011Lima (PER)FINA: 3rd World Youth ...
100m Freestyle25m54.9479527 Feb 2011NepeanSC Junior Provincial ...
200m Freestyle50m1:56.949017 Apr 2016TorontoCanadian Olympic Swimming Trials
200m Freestyle25m1:57.4883825 Feb 2011NepeanSC Junior Provincial ...
400m Freestyle50m4:03.439167 Aug 2016Rio (BRA)XXXI Olympic Games
400m Freestyle25m4:07.8784618 Feb 2012GatineauEastern Canadian Championships
800m Freestyle50m8:20.0291121 Aug 2014Gold Coast (AUS)12th Pan Pacific Championships
800m Freestyle25m8:26.9784520 Jan 2012EtobicokeA-B Meet
1500m Freestyle50m15:57.1590324 Aug 2014Gold Coast (AUS)12th Pan Pacific Championships
1500m Freestyle25m16:18.6682924 Feb 2011NepeanSC Junior Provincial ...
50m Backstroke50m29.7175529 Jul 2010VictoriaCanadian Championships
50m Backstroke25m28.4473518 Feb 2010OttawaEastern Canadian Championships
100m Backstroke50m1:02.2281530 Jun 2011EtobicokeLC Jr. Provincial Championships
100m Backstroke25m59.8677619 Feb 2010OttawaEastern Canadian Championships
200m Backstroke50m2:11.4584018 Aug 2011Lima (PER)FINA: 3rd World Youth ...
200m Backstroke25m2:07.6781426 Nov 2010EtobicokeCanada Cup
50m Breaststroke50m35.6956322 Jan 2011TorontoOntario Cup
50m Breaststroke25m35.3153316 Oct 2011EtobicokeHall of Fame Meet
100m Breaststroke50m1:17.115812 May 2010EtobicokeDr. Ralph Hicken Invitational
100m Breaststroke25m1:15.2956814 Dec 2008Tualatin Hills (USA)OR Paul Bergen Junior ...
200m Breaststroke50m2:51.915296 Jun 2010EtobicokeAge Group International
200m Breaststroke25m2:40.675875 Dec 2009EtobicokeYouth Cup
50m Butterfly50m28.816099 Jul 2009MontrealCanadian World Championship ...
50m Butterfly25m28.1964612 Feb 2009EdmontonWestern Canadian Championships
100m Butterfly50m1:03.296732 Jun 2012EtobicokeAge Group International
100m Butterfly25m1:02.3367219 Feb 2012GatineauEastern Canadian Championships
200m Butterfly50m2:16.2371425 May 2014VancouverMel Zajac Canada Cup
200m Butterfly25m2:13.7371526 Feb 2011NepeanSC Junior Provincial ...
100m Medley25m1:03.2072028 Nov 2010EtobicokeCanada Cup
200m Medley50m2:17.277753 Jul 2016EtobicokeOntario Summer LC Championships
200m Medley25m2:13.6975721 Feb 2010OttawaEastern Canadian Championships
400m Medley50m4:48.717851 Jul 2016EtobicokeOntario Summer LC Championships
400m Medley25m4:47.0573819 Feb 2010OttawaEastern Canadian Championships
50m Freestyle Lap50m25.49-2 Jul 2016EtobicokeOntario Summer LC Championships
50m Freestyle Lap25m25.35-25 Feb 2011NepeanSC Junior Provincial ...
100m Freestyle Lap50m55.22-10 Jul 2013Kazan (RUS)XXVII Universiade
100m Freestyle Lap25m55.21-27 Feb 2011NepeanSC Junior Provincial ...
200m Freestyle Lap50m1:56.36-10 Aug 2016Rio (BRA)XXXI Olympic Games
200m Freestyle Lap25m1:56.91-16 Feb 2012GatineauEastern Canadian Championships
50m Breaststroke Lap50m34.72-17 Feb 2008TorontoTime Trials
50m Breaststroke Lap25m34.13-18 Oct 2008TorontoHall of Fame
100m Breaststroke Lap50m1:17.02-8 Jun 2008TorontoAge Group Invitational
100m Breaststroke Lap25m1:14.38-18 Oct 2008TorontoHall of Fame
50m Butterfly Lap50m28.99-5 Mar 2010Austin (USA)US Grand Prix
50m Butterfly Lap25m29.97-26 Feb 2009NepeanJunior Provincial Championships ...
100m Butterfly Lap50m1:01.89-3 Jul 2016EtobicokeOntario Summer LC Championships
100m Butterfly Lap25m1:13.36-25 Feb 2006LondonProvincial Junior Championships - ...