(1987 )

USA - United States
University of Cal @ Berkeley
Personal bests, Alltime
EventCourseTimePts.DateCity (Nation)Meet
50m Freestyle50m24.6988715 Apr 2016MesaArena Pro Swim Series
50m Freestyle25m25.5275528 Nov 2003Melbourne (AUS)FINA: World Cup No 2 - 2003/2004 ...
100m Freestyle50m53.3093131 Jul 2009Rome (ITA)FINA: 13th World Championships
100m Freestyle25m52.1692918 Dec 2009Manchester (GBR)Duel in the Pool
200m Freestyle50m1:55.2994130 Jul 2009Rome (ITA)FINA: 13th World Championships
200m Freestyle25m1:53.6792530 Oct 2010Berlin (GER)FINA: World Cup No 5 - 2010 Series
400m Freestyle50m4:17.6277313 Jul 2007Los AngelesJanet Evans Invitational
50m Backstroke25m30.2960828 Nov 2003Melbourne (AUS)FINA: World Cup No 2 - 2003/2004 ...
100m Backstroke50m1:03.2377614 May 2011CharlotteUltra Swim
100m Backstroke25m1:03.5364930 Jan 2004New YorkFINA: World Cup No 7 - 2003/2004 ...
200m Backstroke50m2:17.0474113 Jul 2007Los AngelesJanet Evans Invitational
50m Butterfly50m25.8084912 May 2012CharlotteUltra Swim
50m Butterfly25m25.7484931 Oct 2010Berlin (GER)FINA: World Cup No 5 - 2010 Series
100m Butterfly50m55.9897329 Jul 2012London (GBR)XXX Olympic Games
100m Butterfly25m55.5994830 Oct 2010Berlin (GER)FINA: World Cup No 5 - 2010 Series
200m Butterfly50m2:09.8282631 Jul 2007IndianapolisUnited States Championships
200m Butterfly25m2:05.3486919 Dec 2009Manchester (GBR)Duel in the Pool
200m Medley50m2:17.097785 Apr 2008StanfordUniversity Invitational Meet
100m Freestyle Lap50m53.18-26 Jul 2009Rome (ITA)FINA: 13th World Championships
100m Freestyle Lap50m53.18-6 Aug 2016Rio (BRA)XXXI Olympic Games
100m Freestyle Lap25m50.98-19 Dec 2009Manchester (GBR)Duel in the Pool
200m Freestyle Lap50m1:56.02-1 Aug 2012London (GBR)XXX Olympic Games
200m Freestyle Lap25m1:53.60-15 Dec 2010Dubai (UAE)FINA: 10th World Short Course ...
100m Butterfly Lap50m55.48-4 Aug 2012London (GBR)XXX Olympic Games
100m Butterfly Lap25m54.37-18 Dec 2009Manchester (GBR)Duel in the Pool