PHELPS, Michael
(1985 )

USA - United States
Club Wolverine
Personal bests, Alltime
EventCourseTimePts.DateCity (Nation)Meet
50m Freestyle50m23.2472816 May 2009CharlotteUltra Swim
100m Freestyle50m47.5196211 Aug 2008Beijing (CHN)XXIX Olympic Games
100m Freestyle25m46.9987418 Dec 2009Manchester (GBR)Duel in the Pool
200m Freestyle50m1:42.9697212 Aug 2008Beijing (CHN)XXIX Olympic Games
200m Freestyle25m1:42.789034 Feb 2006New YorkFINA: World Cup No 7 - 2005/2006 ...
400m Freestyle50m3:46.739145 Aug 2003College ParkUS Summer Nationals
800m Freestyle50m8:21.6273219 May 2007Ann ArborEric Namesnik Memorial Grand Prix
800m Freestyle25m8:06.7075627 Jan 2001Paris (FRA)FINA: World Cup No 10 - 2000/2001 ...
1500m Freestyle50m15:34.1881019 May 2007Ann ArborEric Namesnik Memorial Grand Prix
1500m Freestyle25m15:29.4075927 Jan 2001Paris (FRA)FINA: World Cup No 10 - 2000/2001 ...
100m Backstroke50m53.019353 Aug 2007IndianapolisUnited States Championships
200m Backstroke50m1:54.659301 Aug 2007IndianapolisUnited States Championships
200m Backstroke25m1:50.3487723 Oct 2011Berlin (GER)FINA: World Cup No 4 - 2011 Series
100m Breaststroke50m1:02.5776117 Feb 2008ColumbiaMissouri Grand Prix
200m Breaststroke50m2:11.3090510 Aug 2015San AntonioUS Championships
50m Butterfly50m24.377797 Jul 2004Long BeachUS Olympic Trials
100m Butterfly50m49.8210001 Aug 2009Rome (ITA)FINA: 13th World Championships
100m Butterfly25m50.4686518 Dec 2009Manchester (GBR)Duel in the Pool
200m Butterfly50m1:51.51100029 Jul 2009Rome (ITA)FINA: 13th World Championships
200m Butterfly25m1:52.2690414 Nov 2009Berlin (GER)FINA: World Cup No 4 - 2009 Series
100m Medley25m51.6592322 Oct 2011Berlin (GER)FINA: World Cup No 4 - 2011 Series
200m Medley50m1:54.1699528 Jul 2011Shanghai (CHN)FINA: 14th World Championships
200m Medley25m1:51.8994023 Oct 2011Berlin (GER)FINA: World Cup No 4 - 2011 Series
400m Medley50m4:03.84100010 Aug 2008Beijing (CHN)XXIX Olympic Games
400m Medley25m4:01.4992722 Oct 2011Berlin (GER)FINA: World Cup No 4 - 2011 Series
100m Freestyle Lap50m47.12-7 Aug 2016Rio (BRA)XXXI Olympic Games
100m Freestyle Lap25m46.11-19 Dec 2009Manchester (GBR)Duel in the Pool
200m Freestyle Lap50m1:44.05-31 Jul 2012London (GBR)XXX Olympic Games
100m Butterfly Lap50m49.72-2 Aug 2009Rome (ITA)FINA: 13th World Championships
100m Butterfly Lap25m49.93-18 Dec 2009Manchester (GBR)Duel in the Pool