Odlum Brown Colleges's Cup PacificShort Course (25m)
#22734 - Vancouver (CAN - BC)4 - 5 Nov 2017
50m Freestyle Lap - Men, 4 x 50m Freestyle, Final,  Open
50m Freestyle Lap - Men, 4 x 50m Medley, Final,  Open
50m Freestyle Lap - Men, 4 x 50m Freestyle, Final,  Open5 Nov 2017TimePts.
RelayKISIL, Yuri1995CANUniversity Of British Columbia22.16-
RelayPETERSON, Colton1996CANUniversity Of British Columbia22.90-
RelayBINNEMA, Josiah1997CANUniversity Of British Columbia22.90-
RelayILIOUCHETCHEV, Anthony1997CANUniversity of Manitoba Bisons22.98-
RelayHILL, Robert1996CANUniversity Of Calgary Varsity23.24-
RelayMATTHEZING, Connor1997CANUniversity Of Calgary Varsity23.24-
RelayFRY, Darian1997CANUniversity Of British Columbia23.34-
RelayBLACKMON, Benjamin1996CANUniversity Of Calgary Varsity23.43-
RelayKALP, Teddy1996CANUniversity Of Calgary Varsity23.74-
RelayLATKOVIC, Paul1999CANUniversity Of Calgary Varsity23.76-
RelayTHERRIEN, Araya1996CANUniversity Of British Columbia23.92-
RelayMALLENDER, Buzz1996CANUVIC VIKES Swim Team24.05-
RelayFAN, Hau-Li1997CANUniversity Of British Columbia24.11-
RelayGREER, Daniel1999CANUVIC VIKES Swim Team24.28-
RelayJOHNSTON, Liam1998CANUniversity Of Calgary Varsity24.49-
RelayMACNEIL, Luc1995CANUniversity of Manitoba Bisons24.58-
RelayCRAIG, Colten1999CANUVIC VIKES Swim Team24.60-
RelayPHILLIPS, Ethan1999CANUVIC VIKES Swim Team24.81-
RelayWASYLIW, Carter1999CANUniversity of Manitoba Bisons24.87-
RelayVAN MAREN, Thomas1997CANUVIC VIKES Swim Team25.04-
RelayJENSEN, Ethan1999CANUVIC VIKES Swim Team25.04-
RelayLAU, Micah2000CANBritish Columbia25.17-
RelayDUPUIS, Devon2002CANBritish Columbia25.39-
RelayDIMITROV, Martin2000CANBritish Columbia25.84-
50m Freestyle Lap - Men, 4 x 50m Medley, Final,  Open4 Nov 2017TimePts.
RelayKISIL, Yuri1995CANUniversity Of British Columbia21.98-
RelayCHIRAKORN, Parry1999CANUniversity Of Calgary Varsity22.87-
RelayPETERSON, Colton1996CANUniversity Of British Columbia23.31-
RelayMATTHEZING, Connor1997CANUniversity Of Calgary Varsity23.39-
RelaySHOGOLEV, Alex1997CANUniversity of Manitoba Bisons23.58-
RelayTAN, Tim2001CANBritish Columbia23.76-
RelayDUFRESNE, Jean-Philippe1999CANUniversity Of Regina Cougar Swimming23.94-
RelayCRAIG, Colten1999CANUVIC VIKES Swim Team24.11-
RelayADAMS, Joshua1999CANUniversity Of Regina Cougar Swimming24.34-
RelayHEDLIN, Eric1993CANUVIC VIKES Swim Team24.40-
RelayDOMMANN, Raben2001CANBritish Columbia24.92-