25e Meeting International Sprint d'OctodureLong Course (50m)
Martigny (SUI)20 May 2017

St. Maurice-Natation

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WomenPts.Previous personal best time
ACOSTA, Alice - 2005
50m FreestyleTimed Final49.56.787250m
50m BackstrokeTimed Final43.58.0610150m
50m BreaststrokeTimed Final30.58.4612850m
BRUCHEZ, Kateleen - 2006
50m FreestyleTimed Final48.55.477850m1:03.45130.8%21 May 2016
50m BackstrokeTimed Final41.57.6210350m
50m BreaststrokeTimed Final44.1:30.633450m
COUTAZ, Florine - 2003
50m FreestyleTimed Final39.39.2522050m39.2199.8%4 Jun 2016
50m BackstrokeTimed Final31.47.4218550m50.59113.8%21 May 2016
50m ButterflyTimed Final33.49.0012350m
COUTAZ, Lea - 2001
50m FreestyleTimed Final14.34.7131950m34.88101.0%21 May 2016
50m BackstrokeTimed Final20.47.3318650m46.1194.9%14 Jun 2015
50m BreaststrokeTimed Final16.51.2219050m48.5189.7%21 May 2016
50m ButterflyTimed Final14.43.6517550m43.4198.9%21 May 2016
EGGER, Candy - 2004
50m FreestyleTimed Final32.37.6225050m
50m BackstrokeTimed Final34.48.3117550m
50m ButterflyTimed Final26.45.3915550m
OREILLER, Celia - 2003
50m FreestyleTimed Final30.37.0926150m37.74103.5%4 Jun 2016
50m BackstrokeTimed Final22.44.2922850m45.27104.5%21 May 2016
50m BreaststrokeTimed Final31.52.8417350m52.3898.3%21 May 2016
50m ButterflyTimed Final30.47.7013450m47.4198.8%21 May 2016
SAVOINI, Elea - 2003
50m FreestyleTimed Final38.38.8522750m41.31113.1%21 May 2016
50m BackstrokeTimed Final32.47.7018250m53.15124.2%21 May 2016
Women4 x 50m FreestyleTimed Final10.2:30.9226150mEgger C., Coutaz F., Oreiller C., Coutaz L.
Percents are calculated by the quotient of the squares of old and new besttime.