RSR: Championnat Romand Hiver de Categorie d'AgeShort Course (25m)
Montreux (SUI)11 - 12 Feb 2017

Schwimmverein Oberwallis 1988

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MenPts.Previous personal best time
ZUBER, Joshua - 2003
100m MedleyTimed Final21.1:15.7929225m1:17.44104.4%28 Jan 2017
WomenPts.Previous personal best time
GALLO, Xarenia - 2005
50m FreestyleTimed Final44.33.8332425m34.05101.3%10 Dec 2016
100m MedleyTimed Final49.1:29.1625625m1:28.7999.2%28 Jan 2017
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Medley, Timed FinalRelay31.71-25m
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay32.35-25m
GALLO, Xenia - 2005
50m FreestyleTimed Final28.32.4736625m32.2198.4%10 Dec 2016
100m MedleyTimed FinalDSQ1:23.35-25m
200m MedleyTimed Final18.2:59.2431425m3:02.05103.2%10 Dec 2016
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay31.84-25m34.73119.0%28 Jan 2017
50m Butterfly Lap4 x 50m Medley, Timed FinalRelay34.74-25m
HALLENBARTER, Rahel - 2002
50m Freestyle4 x 50m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay31.3840625m31.0197.7%28 Jan 2017
50m FreestyleTimed Final31.31.3840625m
50m Backstroke4 x 50m Medley, Timed FinalRelay34.5141125m37.09115.5%13 Dec 2015
100m BreaststrokeTimed Final19.1:24.5740025m1:25.91103.2%11 Dec 2016
100m MedleyTimed Final36.1:18.0038325m1:18.60101.5%28 Jan 2017
WEDIG, Medea - 2003
50m FreestyleTimed Final25.30.6243725m29.8495.0%5 Nov 2016
100m FreestyleTimed Final18.1:06.6544525m1:05.3296.0%6 Nov 2016
400m Freestyle800m Freestyle, Timed FinalSplit5:19.9839325m5:10.4694.1%10 Dec 2016
800m FreestyleTimed Final9.10:56.2338925m10:47.6197.4%23 Apr 2016
100m BreaststrokeTimed Final9.1:21.3445025m1:20.2497.3%28 Jan 2017
200m BreaststrokeTimed Final 3.2:53.7446425m2:58.71105.8%12 Nov 2016
100m MedleyTimed Final18.1:14.5643925m1:15.14101.6%5 Nov 2016
200m MedleyTimed Final21.2:44.3640725m2:42.8998.2%6 Nov 2016
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay30.28-25m30.1999.4%28 Jan 2017
50m Breaststroke Lap4 x 50m Medley, Timed FinalRelay38.04-25m42.62125.5%6 Dec 2014
Women4 x 50m FreestyleTimed Final12.2:05.8541925mHallenbarter R., Gallo X., Gallo X., Wedig M.
Women4 x 50m MedleyTimed Final8.2:19.0041025mHallenbarter R., Wedig M., Gallo X., Gallo X.
Percents are calculated by the quotient of the squares of old and new besttime.