Swiss Short Course ChampionshipsShort Course (25m)
Savosa (SUI)18 - 20 Nov 2016


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MenPts.Previous personal best time
BERGER, Cedric - 1994
50m FreestylePrelim13.23.8960925m23.6798.2%6 Dec 2015
50m Freestyle4 x 50m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay24.1259225m
50m FreestyleFinal15.24.1658925m
100m FreestylePrelim7.51.5166425m50.5696.3%21 Mar 2015
100m FreestyleFinal7.51.8665025m
200m FreestylePrelim9.1:52.4768925m1:50.0095.7%22 Nov 2014
200m FreestyleFinal8.1:54.0666125m
50m ButterflyPrelim15.26.0758425m25.3794.7%23 Nov 2014
100m ButterflyPrelim4.55.8763725m55.6199.1%6 Dec 2015
100m ButterflyFinal6.56.0263225m
50m Butterfly Lap4 x 50m Medley, Timed FinalRelay25.37-25m24.8896.2%22 Nov 2015
COSENDEY, Killian - 1990
50m FreestylePrelim45.25.3051325m24.9196.9%9 Nov 2008
100m FreestylePrelim55.55.4053325m53.7994.3%21 Mar 2015
200m FreestylePrelim60.2:03.1452525m1:59.7194.5%22 Nov 2014
50m ButterflyPrelim70.28.7143725m27.8193.8%25 Jun 2016
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Medley, Timed FinalRelay24.54-25m24.2697.7%22 Nov 2015
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay24.86-25m
DUCOMMUN, Leandre - 2002
50m BreaststrokePrelim50.33.0844425m32.6697.5%6 Nov 2016
100m BreaststrokePrelim38.1:11.2547525m1:10.8098.7%5 Nov 2016
200m BreaststrokePrelim32.2:35.4146525m2:35.57100.2%6 Feb 2016
200m MedleyPrelim43.2:18.7949225m2:19.04100.4%8 Oct 2016
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay26.12-25m27.26108.9%3 Apr 2016
50m Breaststroke Lap4 x 50m Medley, Timed FinalRelay32.58-25m33.64106.6%7 Feb 2016
LASSUEUR, Steve - 1993
50m FreestylePrelim32.24.7954525m23.5890.5%12 Oct 2013
50m Backstroke4 x 50m Medley, Timed FinalRelay27.9950025m27.1494.0%5 Apr 2014
50m BreaststrokePrelim14.30.7055625m30.1796.6%20 Mar 2016
50m BreaststrokeFinal16.31.0953525m
50m ButterflyPrelim13.25.8759825m25.1294.3%12 Oct 2013
50m ButterflyFinal14.25.9059625m
100m ButterflyPrelim32.59.0653925m56.1090.2%13 Oct 2013
100m MedleyPrelim20.1:00.2158325m58.2393.5%30 Nov 2013
100m MedleyFinal16.1:01.0655925m
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay24.02-25m23.3494.4%21 Nov 2015
WomenPts.Previous personal best time
BRON, Aurore - 1996
50m BackstrokeFinal7.29.8663525m29.7799.4%19 Mar 2016
50m BackstrokePrelim6.29.9063225m
50m Backstroke4 x 50m Medley, Timed FinalRelay30.1761525m
100m BackstrokePrelim13.1:06.2857225m1:05.1096.5%19 Mar 2016
100m BackstrokeFinal12.1:06.3057125m
200m BackstrokeFinal11.2:23.8856925m2:19.4193.9%21 Mar 2015
200m BackstrokePrelim16.2:26.6353725m
50m ButterflyPrelim17.29.7555025m29.2396.5%23 Nov 2014
100m ButterflyPrelim21.1:06.2256025m1:05.0296.4%19 Mar 2016
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay28.85-25m28.7099.0%9 Nov 2014
CHEVALLEY, Noemie - 1999
50m BackstrokePrelim62.33.6444425m33.6199.8%9 Nov 2013
100m BackstrokePrelim66.1:12.7643225m1:11.3996.3%16 Dec 2012
50m ButterflyPrelim62.32.3942625m32.53100.9%30 Oct 2016
HEGG, Lucie - 1998
50m FreestylePrelim54.28.8252425m29.00101.3%5 Nov 2016
100m FreestylePrelim53.1:02.4854025m1:01.8798.1%22 Mar 2015
50m BreaststrokePrelim44.37.7943525m36.9995.8%20 Mar 2016
50m ButterflyPrelim55.31.9744325m32.17101.3%5 Nov 2016
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay27.74-25m28.46105.3%8 Nov 2014
50m Breaststroke Lap4 x 50m Medley, Timed FinalRelay37.63-25m36.8595.9%7 Nov 2015
REVILLARD, Toscane - FRA - 2003
100m FreestylePrelim22.1:00.3460025m1:01.00102.2%6 Nov 2016
200m FreestylePrelim34.2:13.0057725m2:13.80101.2%5 Nov 2016
400m FreestyleTimed Final25.4:41.2657925m4:51.84107.7%6 Feb 2016
50m ButterflyPrelim27.30.2352425m30.70103.1%5 Nov 2016
100m ButterflyPrelim41.1:09.0149525m1:08.8699.6%5 Nov 2016
100m MedleyPrelim63.1:12.4247925m1:12.1799.3%30 Oct 2016
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay27.35-25m28.12105.7%3 Apr 2016
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Medley, Timed FinalRelay27.49-25m
SCHNEIDER, Margaux - 1999
50m BackstrokePrelim37.32.2350525m32.42101.2%8 Nov 2015
WIEDERKEHR, Cecile - 1997
50m Freestyle4 x 50m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay27.7558725m27.77100.1%2 Feb 2013
100m FreestylePrelim31.1:01.0258025m59.7095.7%22 Nov 2015
100m BackstrokePrelimDSQ1:09.29-25m
50m ButterflyFinal12.29.2557925m28.4494.5%21 Mar 2015
50m ButterflyPrelim16.29.7255225m
100m ButterflyFinal6.1:04.4060925m1:02.1393.1%21 Nov 2014
100m ButterflyPrelim6.1:04.4260925m
200m ButterflyPrelim20.2:32.0648625m2:19.8684.6%22 Nov 2014
50m Butterfly Lap4 x 50m Medley, Timed FinalRelay29.11-25m28.2193.9%15 Dec 2012
Men4 x 50m FreestyleTimed Final19.1:39.1257825mBerger C., Lassueur S., Cosendey K., Ducommun L.
Men4 x 50m MedleyTimed Final21.1:50.4854925mLassueur S., Ducommun L., Berger C., Cosendey K.
Women4 x 50m FreestyleTimed Final12.1:51.6960025mWiederkehr C., Bron A., Hegg L., Revillard T.
Women4 x 50m MedleyTimed Final13.2:04.4057225mBron A., Hegg L., Wiederkehr C., Revillard T.
Percents are calculated by the quotient of the squares of old and new besttime.