Swiss Masters ChampionshipsShort Course (25m)
Lugano (SUI)12 - 13 Nov 2016

Schwimmclub Aarefisch

MenPts.Previous personal best time
HERZIG, Peter jun. - 1980
50m FreestyleTimed Final14.34.3920425m36.59113.2%15 May 2016
100m FreestyleTimed Final8.1:18.4918725m
50m BreaststrokeTimed Final10.43.4319625m
100m BreaststrokeTimed Final7.1:36.4419125m1:38.68104.7%15 May 2016
50m ButterflyTimed Final12.46.1510525m
WERNLI, Patrick - 1976
50m FreestyleTimed Final5.26.9842325m26.5997.1%26 Mar 1994
50m ButterflyTimed Final 3.29.6239825m29.1797.0%14 Nov 2015
100m ButterflyTimed Final 3.1:06.4737825m1:03.5591.4%9 Apr 1994
200m MedleyTimed Final 1.2:31.7237725m2:28.6496.0%9 Nov 2014
Percents are calculated by the quotient of the squares of old and new besttime.