Challenge Red FishShort Course (25m)
Neuchatel (SUI)5 - 6 Nov 2016

Schwimmklub Region Murten

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MenPts.Previous personal best time
BOEGLI, Lenny - 1997
100m FreestyleTimed Final26.1:04.2834125m1:03.7398.3%13 Dec 2015
50m BackstrokeTimed Final9.32.6131625m32.98102.3%13 Dec 2014
100m BackstrokeTimed Final10.1:13.4629525m1:13.74100.8%10 May 2014
FREY, Malik - 2001
50m FreestyleTimed Final30.28.4536125m29.81109.8%15 May 2016
100m BreaststrokeTimed Final26.1:31.7122225m1:31.0298.5%15 May 2016
50m ButterflyTimed Final21.32.8929125m
100m MedleyTimed Final33.1:18.0026825m
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay28.56-25m
KABUSCH, Sebastian - 2005
50m FreestyleTimed Final20.38.1414925m
100m FreestyleTimed Final27.1:26.4314025m
50m BackstrokeTimed Final14.43.8912925m
100m BackstrokeTimed Final16.1:35.2213525m
50m BreaststrokeTimed Final6.48.8713725m
100m BreaststrokeTimed Final14.1:47.4213825m
50m ButterflyTimed Final13.48.259225m
100m MedleyTimed Final26.1:36.3114225m
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay38.18-25m
LAGE, Pedro - 1981
100m BreaststrokeTimed Final 1.1:29.6223825m
100m ButterflyTimed Final 2.1:28.2616125m
100m MedleyTimed Final 2.1:25.6720225m
NUSSBAUMER, Noah - 1998
50m FreestyleTimed Final27.27.9338125m27.4796.7%12 Dec 2015
50m Freestyle4 x 50m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay29.3932725m
200m FreestyleTimed Final71.2:23.9132925m2:24.22100.4%12 Dec 2015
50m ButterflyTimed Final26.30.5436325m30.4399.3%12 Dec 2015
100m MedleyTimed Final28.1:11.3735025m1:27.06148.8%22 Apr 2012
SALVISBERG, Patric - 1999
50m FreestyleTimed Final15.26.4145125m26.68102.1%15 May 2016
50m ButterflyTimed Final14.28.2446025m28.31100.5%12 Dec 2015
100m MedleyTimed Final29.1:11.4334925m1:09.9295.8%12 Dec 2015
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay26.65-25m30.48130.8%2 Nov 2013
WomenPts.Previous personal best time
BUECHELER, Chiara - 2002
50m FreestyleTimed Final37.34.8429625m36.34108.8%12 Dec 2015
100m BreaststrokeTimed Final21.1:38.0225725m1:37.5799.1%31 Jan 2016
GUGLER, Anna - 2005
50m FreestyleTimed Final50.37.8623125m42.41125.5%22 Mar 2015
100m BreaststrokeTimed Final16.1:40.6823725m2:04.44152.8%25 Jan 2014
50m ButterflyTimed Final18.45.3415525m51.92131.1%16 Nov 2014
100m MedleyTimed Final34.1:36.1820425m1:43.48115.8%25 Jan 2015
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay39.14-25m
KABUSCH, Sarina - 2003
50m FreestyleTimed Final41.36.4925825m
50m Freestyle4 x 50m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay38.4722025m
100m FreestyleTimed Final35.1:24.9021525m
50m BackstrokeTimed Final14.49.2314125m
100m BackstrokeTimed Final21.1:47.1513525m
50m BreaststrokeTimed FinalDSQ53.75-25m
100m BreaststrokeTimed Final27.1:50.8217825m
50m ButterflyTimed Final24.43.5517525m
100m MedleyTimed FinalDSQ1:37.31-25m
LEFEBVRE, Agnes - 2004
50m FreestyleTimed Final36.36.4525925m37.25104.4%15 May 2016
100m BreaststrokeTimed Final32.1:48.2419125m
50m ButterflyTimed Final13.41.9519625m42.72103.7%14 May 2016
100m MedleyTimed Final30.1:33.4922225m1:35.92105.3%14 May 2016
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay36.46-25m
PETERSEN, Leoni - 2004
50m FreestyleTimed Final38.36.7925225m53.40210.7%7 Dec 2013
100m BreaststrokeTimed Final28.1:45.9120425m2:38.26223.3%2 Nov 2013
50m ButterflyTimed FinalDSQ43.89-25m
100m MedleyTimed Final23.1:31.2923925m2:19.97235.1%2 Nov 2013
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay37.92-25m
SONINO, Camille - 2001
50m FreestyleTimed Final19.30.0146425m30.31102.0%15 May 2016
100m FreestyleTimed Final26.1:08.1541625m1:07.2497.3%15 May 2016
200m FreestyleTimed Final75.2:38.7134025m2:38.90100.2%12 Dec 2015
50m BackstrokeTimed Final19.36.6934225m36.0696.6%13 Dec 2015
50m BreaststrokeTimed Final12.41.0833825m40.5697.5%13 Dec 2015
100m MedleyTimed Final27.1:19.9135625m1:18.7197.0%12 Dec 2015
Men4 x 50m FreestyleTimed Final19.2:02.7830425mNussbaumer N., Frey M., Kabusch S., Salvisberg P.
Women4 x 50m FreestyleTimed Final21.2:31.9923825mKabusch S., Petersen L., Gugler A., Lefebvre A.
Percents are calculated by the quotient of the squares of old and new besttime.