27eme Memorial Michel BallyShort Course (25m)
Nyon (SUI)24 - 25 Sep 2016

A-Club Swimming Team Savosa

MenPts.Previous personal best time
GRISANTI, Riccardo - 1999
50m FreestyleTimed Final 1.24.9253725m24.0893.4%20 Nov 2015
400m FreestyleTimed Final8.4:23.6352125m4:17.8195.6%29 Nov 2014
100m BackstrokeTimed Final8.1:03.8744925m59.4386.6%29 Mar 2015
100m BreaststrokeTimed Final9.1:15.4240025m1:09.4984.9%29 Nov 2015
100m ButterflyTimed Final10.1:05.2939925m1:02.0790.4%14 Dec 2014
100m MedleyTimed Final8.1:04.4147625m1:00.8389.2%21 Nov 2015
200m MedleyTimed Final 3.2:16.4251825m2:14.4197.1%29 Nov 2015
TERNER, Tamas - HUN - 1999
50m FreestyleTimed Final 3.25.1152525m25.16100.4%24 Oct 2015
400m FreestyleTimed Final4.4:12.3459525m4:11.4699.3%20 Feb 2016
100m BackstrokeTimed Final 2.1:01.9849125m1:06.89116.5%10 Mar 2013
100m BreaststrokeTimed Final10.1:16.8337925m1:18.61104.7%7 Apr 2013
100m ButterflyTimed Final 3.58.0956725m56.8095.6%20 Feb 2016
100m MedleyTimed Final5.1:02.9151125m1:01.8196.5%18 Oct 2015
200m MedleyTimed FinalDSQ2:17.33-25m
Percents are calculated by the quotient of the squares of old and new besttime.