Hyack Icebreaker ClasicShort Course (25m)
#18981 - New Westminster (CAN - BC)9 - 10 Jan 2016
Women, 200m Breaststroke, Final,  16 years and older
Women, 200m Breaststroke, Final,  14 - 15 years
Women, 200m Breaststroke, Final,  12 - 13 years
Women, 200m Breaststroke, Final,  11 years and younger
Women, 200m Breaststroke, Final,  16 years and older10 Jan 2016TimePts.
1.CASWELL, Lauren1998CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club2:46.76525
2.STRELIOFF, Nadia Marie1999CANSpartan Swim Club2:49.42501
3.GUNTHER, Mackenzie1999CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club2:56.22445
4.RAPIER, Michaela1999CANWinskill Dolphins3:19.37307
Women, 200m Breaststroke, Final,  14 - 15 years10 Jan 2016TimePts.
1.FEDDER, Sarah2000CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club2:50.84488
2.JIN, Stella2000CANHyack Swim Club2:53.06470
3.SUE, Nicole2000CANHyack Swim Club2:56.17445
4.LAU, Octavia2001CANHyack Swim Club3:01.44407
5.MILIC, Hannah2001CANDelta Sungod Swim Club3:01.59406
6.STEINER, Giselle2000CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club3:04.55387
7.HAMIEL, Shahar2001CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club3:05.33382
8.CARMICHAEL, Meghan2001CANSpartan Swim Club3:06.43376
9.BAKER, Sarah2001CANHyack Swim Club3:06.65374
10.PENNER, Elena2000CANDelta Sungod Swim Club3:09.37358
11.HALLETT, Rebecca2000CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club3:14.81329
Women, 200m Breaststroke, Final,  12 - 13 years10 Jan 2016TimePts.
1.LEE, Yedam2002CANHyack Swim Club2:40.14593
2.FROH, Zoe2002CANHyack Swim Club2:56.30444
3.PANOS, Nicolleta2003CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club2:56.77441
4.TURVEY, Alexandra2002CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club2:57.81433
5.SMITH, Tobyn2003CANSpartan Swim Club2:59.72419
6.TOCHEVA, Victoria2003CANHyack Swim Club3:01.83405
7.MARSHALL, Sydney2003CANWinskill Dolphins3:05.29383
8.ZHUO, Angela2003CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club3:05.50381
9.CHAREST, Madeleine2003CANSpartan Swim Club3:05.97378
10.COLE, Naomi2003CANWinskill Dolphins3:08.73362
11.ZHANG, Joyce2002CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club3:09.07360
12.ANANTH, Carisma2003CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club3:09.33359
13.BJORNERUD-BROWN, Jaelyn2003CANSpartan Swim Club3:10.64351
14.GAO, Carleen2002CANHyack Swim Club3:12.06343
15.BLOCK, Kate2002CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club3:12.68340
16.TANG, Janice2004CANWayland Swim Club3:13.04338
17.SONG, Jiangwenjing2004CANSurrey Knights Swim Club3:15.08328
18.WONG, Jacqueline2002CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club3:15.12328
19.GREWAL, Tavleen2002CANSpartan Swim Club3:15.65325
20.YANG, Huijun2003CANHyack Swim Club3:17.10318
21.MANLEY, Emily2003CANSpartan Swim Club3:17.39316
22.JACOBS, Georgia2002CANWinskill Dolphins3:17.49316
23.WU, Nikki Yi xuan2003CANWayland Swim Club3:20.62301
24.ZHANG, Emily2002CANHyack Swim Club3:22.46293
25.WONG, Megan2003CANHyack Swim Club3:32.34254
26.CIROVIC, Nikolina2003CANHyack Swim Club3:33.14251
27.O'SHEA, Gabriella2003CANHyack Swim Club3:33.99248
28.LAW, Katie2003CANHyack Swim Club3:36.78239
29.DECICCO, Rachel2003CANHyack Swim Club3:37.53236
30.CADY, Chloe2003CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club3:37.62236
31.DI, Mary (Yu man)2003CANWayland Swim Club3:38.55233
Women, 200m Breaststroke, Final,  11 years and younger10 Jan 2016TimePts.
1.ZHANG, Aurora Run xue2004CANWayland Swim Club3:09.12360
2.LI, Viviana2004CANSurrey Knights Swim Club3:14.43331
3.DE JAGER, Emily2004CANSpartan Swim Club3:15.34326
4.MACDONALD, Skyla2004CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club3:19.82305
5.ZHANG, Xiao Ran2004CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club3:21.80296
6.MCCALLUM, Samantha2005CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club3:30.46261
7.CHEN, Jemimah2005CANWayland Swim Club3:30.51261
8.SAENZ, Regina2004CANHyack Swim Club3:33.10251
9.MARCELINO, Ynah2004CANSurrey Knights Swim Club3:34.67246
10.SHEN, Michelle2004CANHyack Swim Club3:36.32240
11.CRUDU, Maria2004CANHyack Swim Club3:42.96219
12.JERKOVIC, Mia2004CANHyack Swim Club3:42.97219
13.MOSS, Kya2004CANHyack Swim Club3:44.18216
14.SHEN, Allison2004CANHyack Swim Club3:44.45215
15.ZHANG, Karen2006CANHyack Swim Club3:45.74211
16.ZHU, Selena (yong xin)2005CANWayland Swim Club4:06.72162