Rapids Fastswim ClassicShort Course (25m)
#18674 - Richmond (CAN - BC)11 - 13 Dec 2015
Men, 200m Breaststroke, Final,  16 years and older
Men, 200m Breaststroke, Final,  14 - 15 years
Men, 200m Breaststroke, Final,  12 - 13 years
Men, 200m Breaststroke, Final,  11 years and younger
Men, 200m Breaststroke, Prelim,  16 years and older
Men, 200m Breaststroke, Prelim,  14 - 15 years
Men, 200m Breaststroke, Prelim,  12 - 13 years
Men, 200m Breaststroke, Prelim,  11 years and younger
Men, 200m Breaststroke, Final,  16 years and older13 Dec 2015TimePts.
1.CAI, Michael1990CANHyack Swim Club2:18.34659
2.DUAN, Harry Ting Hui1998CANCanadian Dolphin Swim Club2:19.54643
3.HERNANDEZ, Rolando1997CANHyack Swim Club2:25.69564
4.SKUSE, Conner1999CANPacific Sea Wolves2:27.52544
5.SCHUURMAN HESS, Duco1999CANWinskill Dolphins2:27.66542
6.CHAN, Jordan1999CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club2:28.79530
7.SHEN, Sam1999CANCanadian Dolphin Swim Club2:31.14506
8.LIU, Jerry1998CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:38.28440
Men, 200m Breaststroke, Final,  14 - 15 years13 Dec 2015TimePts.
1.RAKCHTIS, Richard2000CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:21.69614
2.ZHANG, Joe2000CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club2:24.09583
3.YOUNG, Brodie2000CANHyack Swim Club2:26.01561
4.WANG, Ze Yun Alex2000CANPacific Sea Wolves2:29.31524
5.CASTLE, Oliver2001CANDuncan Stingrays Swim Team2:33.82480
6.ZHOU, Yichen Lin2000CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club2:34.47474
7.MENG, Te En Devin2001CANCanadian Dolphin Swim Club2:36.14458
8.XIE, Jackson1999CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:37.66445
9.HAN, Lionel2000CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:36.73453
10.LIU, Horace2001CANPacific Sea Wolves2:37.66445
11.GUO, Dingyan2001CANPacific Sea Wolves2:38.24440
12.YU, Albert2001CANDelta Sungod Swim Club2:41.27416
13.FEDRIGO, Nicolas2001CANIsland Swimming Club2:41.33416
14.ZHUANG, Franky2000CANWest Vancouver Otters2:41.85412
15.BALL, Spencer2000CANWinskill Dolphins2:41.96411
16.WU, Eric2000CANHyack Swim Club2:44.87389
Men, 200m Breaststroke, Final,  12 - 13 years13 Dec 2015TimePts.
1.SCHMIDT, Michael2002CANPacific Coast Swimming2:32.39493
2.WHEELER, Myles2002CANSpartan Swim Club2:34.74471
3.PEI, Samuel2002CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:38.24440
4.HAN, Ryan2002CANSpartan Swim Club2:39.66429
5.MIGNEAULT, Justice2002CANHaney Seahorse Swim Club2:41.64413
6.LI, Kevin2002CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:51.76344
7.DONG, Tommy Sijun2002CANWest Vancouver Otters2:52.45340
8.GONG, Run Qian2003CANWest Vancouver Otters2:53.33335
9.VOLCHKOV, Dimitri2002CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:47.69370
10.CHEN, Leslie2002CANCanadian Dolphin Swim Club2:49.10361
11.BAHNG, Ethan2002CANHyack Swim Club2:51.60345
12.ZHANG, Peter2003CANWayland Swim Club2:54.56328
13.TAI, Sheldon2003CANCanadian Dolphin Swim Club2:55.60322
14.CHAPMAN, Thomas2002CANPacific Coast Swimming2:55.81321
15.CHEN, Tiger2001CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:56.16319
16.LIU, Victor2002CANWest Vancouver Otters2:57.33313
Men, 200m Breaststroke, Final,  11 years and younger13 Dec 2015TimePts.
1.SLIVINSKI, Nikita2004CANHyack Swim Club3:05.12275
2.ORTON, Oliver2004CANNanaimo Riptide Swim Team3:05.21274
3.WU, Yutong2004CANHyack Swim Club3:05.65273
4.ZHOU, Arthur2004CANWayland Swim Club3:08.81259
5.KWO, Alexander2003CANCanadian Dolphin Swim Club3:08.85259
6.LIU, Austin2004CANWest Vancouver Otters3:13.56240
7.ZHANG, Kevin2004CANPacific Sea Wolves3:15.90232
8.O'KEEFE, Connor2004CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club3:16.74229
Men, 200m Breaststroke, Prelim,  16 years and older13 Dec 2015TimePts.
1.CAI, Michael1990CANHyack Swim Club2:20.16634
2.DUAN, Harry Ting Hui1998CANCanadian Dolphin Swim Club2:23.35593
3.HERNANDEZ, Rolando1997CANHyack Swim Club2:27.76541
4.SKUSE, Conner1999CANPacific Sea Wolves2:27.89540
5.CHAN, Jordan1999CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club2:28.99528
6.SHEN, Sam1999CANCanadian Dolphin Swim Club2:30.52512
7.SCHUURMAN HESS, Duco1999CANWinskill Dolphins2:32.16495
8.LIU, Jerry1998CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:33.02487
9.SCHRAMM, Justin1998CANLangley Olympians Swim Club2:34.92469
10.BOGART, James1999CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:37.12450
11.SZABO, Marcus1998CANChena Swim Club2:37.58446
12.NG, David1999CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:39.22432
13.SCHAFFLER, Maximilian1998CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:39.60429
14.KOWALEWSKI, Yusuke1999CANChena Swim Club2:39.83427
15.NAASSNER, Karl1999CANChena Swim Club2:39.84427
16.WONG, Leland1999CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club2:41.10417
17.YE, Kevin1999CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:42.04410
18.LOPEZ SMITH, Gavin1998CANChena Swim Club2:45.62384
19.FEDRIGO, Roberto1998CANIsland Swimming Club2:45.94382
20.BELL, Mathias1997CANDuncan Stingrays Swim Team2:51.14348
Men, 200m Breaststroke, Prelim,  14 - 15 years13 Dec 2015TimePts.
1.ZHANG, Joe2000CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club2:25.87562
2.RAKCHTIS, Richard2000CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:25.99561
3.YOUNG, Brodie2000CANHyack Swim Club2:32.13496
4.WANG, Ze Yun Alex2000CANPacific Sea Wolves2:32.28494
5.XIE, Jackson1999CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:34.45474
6.ZHOU, Yichen Lin2000CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club2:35.36465
7.CASTLE, Oliver2001CANDuncan Stingrays Swim Team2:37.08450
8.MENG, Te En Devin2001CANCanadian Dolphin Swim Club2:38.33440
9.HINE, Wyatt2000CANSpartan Swim Club2:38.59438
10.HAN, Lionel2000CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:38.72436
11.GUO, Dingyan2001CANPacific Sea Wolves2:39.32432
12.LIU, Horace2001CANPacific Sea Wolves2:39.41431
13.YU, Albert2001CANDelta Sungod Swim Club2:41.97411
14.DOMMANN, Raben2001CANChena Swim Club2:43.09402
15.ZHUANG, Franky2000CANWest Vancouver Otters2:44.19394
16.FEDRIGO, Nicolas2001CANIsland Swimming Club2:44.65391
17.BALL, Spencer2000CANWinskill Dolphins2:44.66391
17.WU, Eric2000CANHyack Swim Club2:44.66391
19.KENT, Noah2001CANCanadian Dolphin Swim Club2:45.18387
20.CAI, David (Shu Wei)2001CANCanadian Dolphin Swim Club2:45.88382
21.LANDRY, Noah2000CANDelta Sungod Swim Club2:46.84376
22.WANG, Wayland2001CANWayland Swim Club2:47.21373
23.YUSHKO, Artur2001CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:47.91369
24.SINGH, Sehajvir2001CANHyack Swim Club2:48.76363
25.TERZIOGLU, Uzak2001CANChena Swim Club2:49.81356
26.LIU, Kaiwen2001CANWest Vancouver Otters2:50.13354
27.FUNG, Jeremy2001CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:50.44352
28.GE, Darren2001CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:50.64351
29.TUDOSA, Dragos2001CANHyack Swim Club2:52.78338
30.POST, Joep2000NEDCAN - Chena Swim Club2:55.04325
31.CRAWFORD, Matthew2001CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:55.14325
32.CHADWICK, Ian2000CANChena Swim Club2:59.57301
33.SOROCO, Mauricio2001CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club3:00.83295
34.MCDONOUGH S8SB8SM8, Aidan2001CANPacific Sea Wolves3:34.99175
DSQXU, Steven2000CANRichmond Rapids Swim ClubNT-
Men, 200m Breaststroke, Prelim,  12 - 13 years13 Dec 2015TimePts.
1.SCHMIDT, Michael2002CANPacific Coast Swimming2:37.83444
2.PEI, Samuel2002CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:38.70437
3.WHEELER, Myles2002CANSpartan Swim Club2:39.45430
4.HAN, Ryan2002CANSpartan Swim Club2:42.20409
5.MIGNEAULT, Justice2002CANHaney Seahorse Swim Club2:43.46400
6.GOH, Joel2002CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club2:46.51378
7.DUPUIS, Devon2002CANWinskill Dolphins2:47.67370
8.LI, Kevin2002CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:50.89350
9.GONG, Run Qian2003CANWest Vancouver Otters2:52.00343
10.DONG, Tommy Sijun2002CANWest Vancouver Otters2:52.01343
11.CHEN, Leslie2002CANCanadian Dolphin Swim Club2:52.02343
12.BAHNG, Ethan2002CANHyack Swim Club2:53.37335
13.VOLCHKOV, Dimitri2002CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:53.61333
14.TAI, Sheldon2003CANCanadian Dolphin Swim Club2:53.74333
15.ZHANG, Peter2003CANWayland Swim Club2:56.37318
16.CHEN, Tiger2001CANRichmond Rapids Swim Club2:56.57317
17.LIU, Victor2002CANWest Vancouver Otters2:58.07309
18.CHAPMAN, Thomas2002CANPacific Coast Swimming2:58.32308
19.SUE, Eric2002CANHyack Swim Club2:59.57301
20.ZHAO, Fanghai2002CANPacific Sea Wolves2:59.70301
21.JIN, Yubo2003CANWayland Swim Club3:00.49297
22.LI, Andrew2002CANHyack Swim Club3:03.30283
23.KRUGER, Dylan2003CANDuncan Stingrays Swim Team3:04.91276
24.THOMAS, Dylan2003CANLangley Olympians Swim Club3:05.35274
25.LANDRY, Reece2002CANDelta Sungod Swim Club3:05.37274
26.YANG, Louis2003CANHyack Swim Club3:07.05266
27.COWAN, Jordan2002CANIsland Swimming Club3:09.06258
28.JOUDRIE, Robin2003CANChena Swim Club3:09.75255
29.TERBLANCHE, Thomas2003CANChena Swim Club3:23.59207
DSQRAFER, Eithan2002CANRichmond Rapids Swim ClubNT-
-NGUYEN, Daniel2003CANSurrey Knights Swim Club2:59.19303
Men, 200m Breaststroke, Prelim,  11 years and younger13 Dec 2015TimePts.
1.LIU, Austin2004CANWest Vancouver Otters3:12.18246
2.KWO, Alexander2003CANCanadian Dolphin Swim Club3:12.97243
3.WU, Yutong2004CANHyack Swim Club3:13.34241
4.SLIVINSKI, Nikita2004CANHyack Swim Club3:13.48241
5.ZHOU, Arthur2004CANWayland Swim Club3:15.23234
6.ZHANG, Kevin2004CANPacific Sea Wolves3:15.35234
7.ORTON, Oliver2004CANNanaimo Riptide Swim Team3:16.60229
8.O'KEEFE, Connor2004CANVancouver Pacific Swim Club3:17.70226
9.XIONG, Eric2004CANHyack Swim Club3:19.57219
10.WEI, Ryan2004CANWayland Swim Club3:20.82215
11.GREWAL, Harbir2004CANDelta Sungod Swim Club3:21.19214
12.WONG, Zachary2005CANWayland Swim Club3:21.99211
13.LI, Kevin2004CANWayland Swim Club3:29.62189
14.GUL, Onur2004CANWest Vancouver Otters3:30.60187
15.LUCUS, Calin2005CANHyack Swim Club3:30.72186
16.DAHLSTROM, Ty2005CANDuncan Stingrays Swim Team3:32.59181
17.HERBERT, Brayden2004CANLangley Olympians Swim Club3:36.26172
18.DOMMANN, Marten2005CANChena Swim Club3:39.96164