XXI Ogolnopolska Olimpiada MlodziezyLong Course (50m)
Ostrowiec Sw (POL)15 - 17 Jul 2015

MKP Slowianka Gorzow Wlkp.

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MenPts.Previous personal best time
BARTOSZEK, Jaroslaw - 1997
200m Freestyle4 x 200m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay1:57.4365550m1:57.3899.9%2 May 2015
50m BackstrokePrelim4.27.0670150m27.15100.7%3 May 2015
50m BackstrokeFinal5.27.2668550m
100m Backstroke4 x 100m Medley, Timed FinalRelay58.3170350m58.44100.4%30 May 2015
100m BackstrokeFinal7.58.8468450m
100m BackstrokePrelim3.58.9468050m
200m BackstrokeFinal7.2:07.2867950m2:10.41105.0%8 Jun 2014
200m BackstrokePrelim4.2:09.5664450m
200m MedleyPrelim17.2:13.3862450m2:21.73112.9%14 Jul 2012
100m Freestyle Lap4 x 100m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay52.81-50m53.84103.9%19 Jul 2014
BRODOWSKI, Jakub - 1997
100m Freestyle4 x 100m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay54.9862150m55.88103.3%2 May 2015
100m FreestylePrelim29.55.2761150m
200m FreestylePrelim15.1:58.2564150m1:57.7499.1%18 Jul 2014
400m FreestylePrelim19.4:12.9365850m4:09.0597.0%23 Jul 2013
200m Freestyle Lap4 x 200m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay1:57.39-50m1:57.1799.6%18 Jul 2014
100m Breaststroke Lap4 x 100m Medley, Timed FinalRelay1:10.76-50m1:16.26116.1%30 May 2015
PRZYBYSZ, Daniel - 1998
50m FreestyleFinal16.24.5661750m24.70101.1%18 Jul 2014
50m FreestylePrelim19.24.8259750m
100m FreestylePrelim34.55.4560550m53.6093.4%20 Jul 2014
50m ButterflyPrelim24.26.3761550m26.3299.6%30 May 2015
100m ButterflyPrelim31.1:00.1656750m58.8595.7%19 Jul 2013
100m Freestyle Lap4 x 100m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay53.04-50m52.5598.2%12 Apr 2014
200m Freestyle Lap4 x 200m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay1:59.32-50m1:57.9597.7%12 Apr 2014
SKRZYPCZAK, Filip - 1997
100m FreestylePrelim25.54.7063050m54.6399.7%20 Jul 2014
50m ButterflyPrelim38.27.1956150m26.7596.8%19 Jul 2014
100m ButterflyPrelim38.1:01.4453350m59.8995.0%18 Jul 2014
100m Freestyle Lap4 x 100m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay53.57-50m53.82100.9%19 Jul 2014
100m Freestyle Lap4 x 100m Medley, Timed FinalRelay53.95-50m
200m Freestyle Lap4 x 200m Freestyle, Timed FinalRelay1:58.14-50m1:59.03101.5%18 Jul 2014
STAWIKOWSKI, Patryk - 1998
100m ButterflyPrelim28.59.8657650m1:01.02103.9%10 May 2014
200m ButterflyPrelim14.2:11.6960750m2:11.1999.2%20 Jul 2014
200m ButterflyFinal19.2:12.5859450m
200m MedleyPrelim22.2:14.9960250m2:14.8499.8%19 Jul 2014
400m MedleyFinal17.4:52.1758150m4:44.7495.0%18 Jul 2014
400m MedleyPrelim16.4:53.1157550m
100m Butterfly Lap4 x 100m Medley, Timed FinalRelay58.82-50m1:05.08122.4%30 May 2015
WomenPts.Previous personal best time
LOCHINSKA, Agnieszka - 1998
50m FreestylePrelim30.29.0154750m27.7891.7%18 Jul 2014
100m FreestylePrelim29.1:02.7956950m1:01.8897.1%20 Jul 2014
200m FreestyleFinal19.2:16.1757150m2:16.50100.5%2 May 2015
200m FreestylePrelim20.2:18.4054350m
Men4 x 100m FreestyleTimed Final5.3:34.4067650mBrodowski J., Skrzypczak F., Przybysz D., Bartoszek J.
Men4 x 200m FreestyleTimed Final4.7:52.2869650mBartoszek J., Skrzypczak F., Brodowski J., Przybysz D.
Men4 x 100m MedleyTimed Final8.4:01.8462950mBartoszek J., Brodowski J., Stawikowski P., Skrzypczak F.
Percents are calculated by the quotient of the squares of old and new besttime.