FINA: 12th World Short Course ChampionshipsShort Course (25m)
Doha (QAT)3 - 7 Dec 2014

ALB - Albania

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MenPts.Previous personal best time
ALEKSI, Franc - 1998
100m FreestylePrelim115.55.1754025m56.33104.2%16 Feb 2014
200m FreestylePrelim85.2:01.1555125m2:01.35100.3%15 Feb 2014
400m FreestylePrelim74.4:12.8559125m4:17.50103.7%15 Feb 2014
50m ButterflyPrelim110.27.4350125m28.12105.1%15 Feb 2014
100m ButterflyPrelim81.1:00.3450525m1:01.91105.3%2 Nov 2013
200m ButterflyPrelim49.2:12.9054525m2:15.98104.7%2 Nov 2013
100m MedleyPrelim71.1:03.5649525m1:05.98107.8%3 Nov 2013
200m MedleyPrelim42.2:17.2350925m2:19.80103.8%16 Feb 2014
400m MedleyPrelimDSQ4:46.30-25m
50m Butterfly Lap4 x 50m Medley, PrelimRelay27.48-25m
100m Butterfly Lap4 x 100m Medley, PrelimRelay1:01.95-25m
BAHOLLI, Deni - 1998
50m FreestylePrelim135.26.0147225m27.00107.8%15 Feb 2014
50m BreaststrokePrelim86.31.8449825m33.24109.0%15 Feb 2014
100m BreaststrokePrelim84.1:08.6553125m1:09.90103.7%16 Feb 2014
200m BreaststrokePrelim45.2:30.8850825m2:31.82101.2%15 Feb 2014
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Freestyle, PrelimRelay26.05-25m
50m Breaststroke Lap4 x 50m Medley, PrelimRelay31.75-25m
100m Breaststroke Lap4 x 100m Medley, PrelimRelay1:13.32-25m
MAHMUTI, Binald - 1999
50m Freestyle4 x 50m Freestyle, PrelimRelay26.7343525m28.23111.5%2 Nov 2013
50m BreaststrokePrelim98.34.3139825m36.05110.4%2 Nov 2013
100m BreaststrokePrelimDSQ1:12.94-25m
200m BreaststrokePrelim52.2:41.8641125m2:45.87105.0%2 Nov 2013
50m ButterflyPrelim120.28.1546425m32.59134.0%16 Feb 2013
100m ButterflyPrelim86.1:04.0342325m1:11.43124.4%17 Feb 2013
200m ButterflyPrelim51.2:18.4148225m
100m MedleyPrelim78.1:05.2445825m1:09.54113.6%3 Nov 2013
200m MedleyPrelim41.2:16.9951225m2:27.34115.7%2 Nov 2013
400m MedleyPrelim43.4:51.5552725m
MECE, Klavio - 1996
200m FreestylePrelim78.1:57.1860925m1:58.92103.0%15 Feb 2014
400m FreestylePrelim68.4:07.2463225m4:07.95100.6%15 Feb 2014
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Medley, PrelimRelay25.35-25m
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Freestyle, PrelimRelay25.71-25m
100m Freestyle Lap4 x 100m Medley, PrelimRelay57.01-25m
NGRESI, Aleksander - 2000
50m FreestylePrelim149.26.8143125m27.94108.6%15 Feb 2014
100m FreestylePrelim140.59.2643625m1:01.54107.8%16 Feb 2014
50m BackstrokePrelim95.31.0536625m32.30108.2%15 Feb 2014
50m Backstroke4 x 50m Medley, PrelimRelay32.2832625m
100m BackstrokePrelim83.1:08.8535825m1:09.59102.2%16 Feb 2014
100m Backstroke4 x 100m Medley, PrelimRelay1:09.3635025m
200m BackstrokePrelim57.2:26.0237825m
50m Freestyle Lap4 x 50m Freestyle, PrelimRelay27.16-25m
WomenPts.Previous personal best time
BASHO, Diana - 2000
50m FreestylePrelim110.30.6643525m31.39104.8%16 Feb 2014
100m FreestylePrelim104.1:05.9645925m1:06.36101.2%2 Nov 2013
200m FreestylePrelim77.2:17.2552525m2:22.71108.1%16 Feb 2014
400m FreestylePrelim51.4:47.5254225m4:58.69107.9%15 Feb 2014
50m BackstrokePrelim64.35.4038125m35.2599.2%2 Nov 2013
100m BackstrokePrelim72.1:16.8636725m
200m BackstrokePrelim46.2:38.8242325m2:38.85100.0%3 Nov 2013
50m ButterflyPrelim73.32.8940725m33.12101.4%16 Feb 2014
100m ButterflyPrelim64.1:11.7944025m1:12.98103.3%15 Feb 2014
200m ButterflyPrelim33.2:33.7747025m2:41.56110.4%15 Feb 2014
100m MedleyPrelim59.1:17.8238625m1:18.72102.3%3 Nov 2013
400m MedleyPrelim28.5:43.8842925m
MERIZAJ, Nikol - 1998
50m FreestylePrelim81.27.8757925m29.24110.1%2 Nov 2013
100m FreestylePrelim89.1:01.3557125m1:04.22109.6%2 Nov 2013
Men4 x 50m FreestylePrelim13.1:45.6547725mMahmuti B., Ngresi A., Baholli D., Mece K.
Men4 x 50m MedleyPrelim17.1:56.8646425mNgresi A., Baholli D., Aleksi F., Mece K.
Men4 x 100m MedleyPrelim22.4:21.6444125mNgresi A., Baholli D., Aleksi F., Mece K.
Mixed4 x 50m FreestylePrelim21.1:51.24-25mMece K., Basho D., Merizaj N., Aleksi F.
Mixed4 x 50m MedleyPrelim26.2:05.56-25mNgresi A., Baholli D., Basho D., Merizaj N.
Percents are calculated by the quotient of the squares of old and new besttime.