1. Memorial Max ZuinShort Course (25m)
Padova (ITA)23 Mar 2014

Ranazzurra Conegliano ssd

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MenPts.Previous personal best time
BOLZAN, Marco - 1992
50m FreestyleFinal-27.8538425m
50m BackstrokeFinal-33.7528525m
BREDA, Federico - 1990
50m BreaststrokeFinal-41.3822725m
100m ButterflyFinal-1:23.8518825m
CHECCHIN, Matteo - 1986
50m BreaststrokeFinal-35.0637325m
100m ButterflyFinal-1:16.5824725m
FRESCHET, Davide - 1986
200m BreaststrokeFinal-2:35.3546525m
100m MedleyFinal-1:03.2450325m
ZANETTI, Matteo - 1991
50m FreestyleFinal-28.5535725m
100m ButterflyFinal-1:16.2525025m
WomenPts.Previous personal best time
DALLE CRODE, Ilaria - 1989
50m FreestyleFinal-37.6923425m
50m ButterflyFinal-49.5511925m
DALLE CRODE, Lisa - 1987
50m FreestyleFinal-33.7632625m
100m BackstrokeFinal-1:28.3324125m
TUFILLI, Alessandra - 1990
50m BackstrokeFinal-36.0136225m
50m ButterflyFinal-37.0628425m38.48107.8%27 Nov 2010
Percents are calculated by the quotient of the squares of old and new besttime.