(2006 )

CAN - Canada
Club Warrior Swimmers@UW
Personal bests, Alltime
EventCourseTimePts.DateCity (Nation)Meet
25m Freestyle25m25.72-12 Apr 2014TillsonburgSWA 12 and Under Spring Challenge
50m Freestyle50m31.4329419 May 2018UnionvilleHicken International
50m Freestyle25m31.302714 Feb 2018LondonWestern Region SC Champs
100m Freestyle50m1:07.3633717 Jun 2018UnionvilleOntario Summer Festival ...
100m Freestyle25m1:07.2029914 Oct 2018EtobicokeHall of Fame Meet
200m Freestyle50m2:26.5733715 Jun 2018UnionvilleOntario Summer Festival ...
200m Freestyle25m2:23.9932814 Oct 2018EtobicokeHall of Fame Meet
400m Freestyle50m5:12.9134716 Jun 2018UnionvilleOntario Summer Festival ...
400m Freestyle25m5:18.132962 Dec 2017EtobicokeYouth Cup
800m Freestyle50m10:47.2334017 Jun 2018UnionvilleOntario Summer Festival ...
800m Freestyle25m11:14.6828330 Nov 2017EtobicokeYouth Cup
1500m Freestyle50m22:03.8928413 Apr 2018WaterlooSpring Turbo Charge Meet
25m Backstroke25m27.84-22 Feb 2015GuelphGMAC Skills and Thrills
50m Backstroke50m38.9723419 May 2018UnionvilleHicken International
50m Backstroke25m38.211964 Feb 2018LondonWestern Region SC Champs
100m Backstroke50m1:23.8723620 May 2018UnionvilleHicken International
100m Backstroke25m1:22.122114 Mar 2018BadenWaterloo Region Team Challenge Cup
200m Backstroke50m3:01.732338 Jul 2017WindsorWEST International
200m Backstroke25m2:53.6722525 Jun 2017UnionvilleOntario Summer Festival
25m Breaststroke25m35.25-13 Apr 2014TillsonburgSWA 12 and Under Spring Challenge
50m Breaststroke50m47.3817310 Jun 2018BrantfordWestern Region LC Championships
50m Breaststroke25m52.1511322 Oct 2017GuelphGMAC No Pain No Gain
100m Breaststroke50m1:45.801579 Jun 2018BrantfordWestern Region LC Championships
100m Breaststroke25m1:39.3617513 Oct 2018EtobicokeHall of Fame Meet
200m Breaststroke50m3:50.381678 Jun 2018BrantfordWestern Region LC Championships
200m Breaststroke25m3:48.6514620 Jan 2018TorontoAudi Toronto Midtown Winter ...
25m Butterfly25m28.02-22 Feb 2015GuelphGMAC Skills and Thrills
50m Butterfly50m36.402338 Jul 2018BurlingtonBAD LC Invitational
50m Butterfly25m38.611793 Mar 2018BadenWaterloo Region Team Challenge Cup
100m Butterfly50m1:22.712187 Jul 2018BurlingtonBAD LC Invitational
100m Butterfly25m1:18.9422513 Oct 2018EtobicokeHall of Fame Meet
200m Butterfly50m3:35.051398 Jul 2017WindsorWEST International
200m Butterfly25m3:21.661563 Mar 2018BadenWaterloo Region Team Challenge Cup
100m Medley25m1:28.5018325 Feb 2017LondonWOSA SC Regionals
200m Medley50m2:55.6027319 May 2018UnionvilleHicken International
200m Medley25m2:56.9023813 Oct 2018EtobicokeHall of Fame Meet
400m Medley50m6:34.742358 Jun 2018BrantfordWestern Region LC Championships
400m Medley25m6:32.7521520 Jan 2018TorontoAudi Toronto Midtown Winter ...
50m Freestyle Lap50m31.63-16 Jun 2018UnionvilleOntario Summer Festival ...
50m Freestyle Lap25m32.06-3 Dec 2017EtobicokeYouth Cup
100m Freestyle Lap50m1:09.48-7 Jul 2018BurlingtonBAD LC Invitational
100m Freestyle Lap25m1:15.13-2 Dec 2017EtobicokeYouth Cup
50m Butterfly Lap25m41.76-14 May 2017EtobicokeTOP Cup SC