CHAU, Kevin
(2003 )

CAN - Canada
Etobicoke Swim Club
Personal bests, Alltime
EventCourseTimePts.DateCity (Nation)Meet
50m Freestyle50m27.844233 Jun 2017EtobicokeAge Group International
50m Freestyle25m26.8942710 Dec 2017EtobicokeTrillium Cup
100m Freestyle50m1:01.874354 Jun 2017EtobicokeAge Group International
100m Freestyle25m58.984429 Dec 2017EtobicokeTrillium Cup
200m Freestyle50m2:15.1043012 Jan 2018UnionvilleMAC Winter Invitational
200m Freestyle25m2:07.774701 Dec 2017EtobicokeYouth Cup
400m Freestyle50m4:43.2346913 Jan 2018UnionvilleMAC Winter Invitational
400m Freestyle25m4:37.2244828 Oct 2017EtobicokeHarvest Invitational
800m Freestyle50m9:51.8644511 Jan 2018UnionvilleMAC Winter Invitational
800m Freestyle25m9:48.6642710 Nov 2016EtobicokeAge Group International SC
1500m Freestyle50m18:48.3945911 Jan 2018UnionvilleMAC Winter Invitational
1500m Freestyle25m18:32.6944210 Nov 2016EtobicokeAge Group International SC
50m Backstroke50m39.742218 May 2015London24th Annual Hollandia Spring ...
50m Backstroke25m30.8737211 Nov 2018EtobicokeAge Group International SC
100m Backstroke50m1:09.5741321 Apr 2018UnionvilleMAC April Invitational
100m Backstroke25m1:05.1642314 Oct 2018EtobicokeHall of Fame Meet
200m Backstroke50m2:29.514192 Jun 2018EtobicokeAge Group International
200m Backstroke25m2:21.0541910 Nov 2018EtobicokeAge Group International SC
50m Breaststroke50m40.7827130 May 2015EtobicokeAge Group International
50m Breaststroke25m34.1540415 Oct 2017EtobicokeHall of Fame Meet
100m Breaststroke50m1:17.4340130 Jun 2018EtobicokeOntario Summer Provincial ...
100m Breaststroke25m1:13.5343210 Nov 2017EtobicokeAge Group International SC
200m Breaststroke50m2:46.384444 Jun 2017EtobicokeAge Group International
200m Breaststroke25m2:34.744718 Dec 2018Pointe-ClaireInvitation Provinciale AA-AAA ...
25m Butterfly25m27.77-10 Dec 2011Vaughan23rd Annual Roy Jacobson ...
50m Butterfly50m29.564363 Jun 2018EtobicokeAge Group International
50m Butterfly25m28.9642611 Nov 2018EtobicokeAge Group International SC
100m Butterfly50m1:04.2446630 Jun 2017TorontoOntario Summer Provincial ...
100m Butterfly25m1:02.7245010 Nov 2018EtobicokeAge Group International SC
200m Butterfly50m2:18.785182 Jun 2017EtobicokeAge Group International
200m Butterfly25m2:15.255179 Dec 2018Pointe-ClaireInvitation Provinciale AA-AAA ...
100m Medley25m1:33.251569 Nov 2013NewmarketStingrays Fall Invitational
200m Medley50m2:28.1945514 Jan 2018UnionvilleMAC Winter Invitational
200m Medley25m2:22.294572 Dec 2017EtobicokeYouth Cup
400m Medley50m5:07.7649730 Jun 2017TorontoOntario Summer Provincial ...
400m Medley25m5:00.374817 Dec 2018Pointe-ClaireInvitation Provinciale AA-AAA ...
50m Freestyle Lap50m27.32-9 Dec 2018Pointe-ClaireInvitation Provinciale AA-AAA ...
50m Freestyle Lap25m26.84-10 Nov 2018EtobicokeAge Group International SC
100m Freestyle Lap50m1:02.03-2 Mar 2018EtobicokeOntario Spring Provincial ...
100m Freestyle Lap25m59.78-2 Dec 2017EtobicokeYouth Cup
50m Breaststroke Lap50m37.92-30 Jun 2016EtobicokeOntario Summer LC Championships
50m Breaststroke Lap25m33.76-1 Dec 2017EtobicokeYouth Cup
50m Butterfly Lap50m28.93-4 Feb 2018EtobicokeCentral Region A Champs
50m Butterfly Lap25m29.06-10 Dec 2017EtobicokeTrillium Cup
100m Butterfly Lap50m1:08.16-3 Jul 2016EtobicokeOntario Summer LC Championships
100m Butterfly Lap25m1:06.72-18 Feb 2017EtobicokeOntario Winter Festival