TONG, Ellie
(1997 )

CAN - Canada
Club Warrior Swimmers@UW
Personal bests, Alltime
EventCourseTimePts.DateCity (Nation)Meet
50m Freestyle50m30.114896 Jun 2015LondonWOSA 2014-2015 Regional Long ...
50m Freestyle25m28.8752113 Dec 2014Pointe-ClaireInvitation Provinciale AA ...
100m Freestyle50m1:07.314627 Jun 2015LondonWOSA 2014-2015 Regional Long ...
100m Freestyle25m1:04.8548312 Dec 2014Pointe-ClaireInvitation Provinciale AA ...
200m Freestyle50m2:31.7041328 May 2011HamiltonStratten and Bond Invitational
200m Freestyle25m2:25.4344114 Dec 2013NepeanDivision 1 Team Championships
400m Freestyle25m6:43.5119626 Nov 2010LondonFall Invitational
800m Freestyle25m11:55.9830026 Nov 2010LondonFall Invitational
50m Backstroke50m41.0328623 May 2014LondonSWA Mustang Spring Invitational
50m Backstroke25m39.782686 Dec 2013LondonSWA Mustang Invitational
100m Backstroke50m1:30.752626 Apr 2014LondonPentathalon
100m Backstroke25m1:28.6123916 Oct 2011EtobicokeHall of Fame Meet
50m Breaststroke50m43.983012 May 2014WindsorAmanda Reason Invitational
50m Breaststroke25m39.9336812 Dec 2014Pointe-ClaireInvitation Provinciale AA ...
100m Breaststroke50m1:34.483156 Apr 2014LondonPentathalon
100m Breaststroke25m1:27.7435914 Dec 2014Pointe-ClaireInvitation Provinciale AA ...
200m Breaststroke50m3:20.223353 May 2014WindsorAmanda Reason Invitational
200m Breaststroke25m3:09.1835915 Dec 2013NepeanDivision 1 Team Championships
50m Butterfly50m34.623512 May 2014WindsorAmanda Reason Invitational
50m Butterfly25m34.4235513 Dec 2014Pointe-ClaireInvitation Provinciale AA ...
100m Butterfly50m1:26.572636 Apr 2014LondonPentathalon
100m Butterfly25m1:24.5026914 Dec 2014Pointe-ClaireInvitation Provinciale AA ...
100m Medley25m1:25.2529312 Nov 2011Burlington14th Annual Burlington Open
200m Medley50m3:00.1234324 May 2014LondonSWA Mustang Spring Invitational
200m Medley25m2:56.4932919 Jan 2014BadenAces Winter Invitational
50m Freestyle Lap50m29.81-3 May 2014WindsorAmanda Reason Invitational
50m Freestyle Lap25m28.81-14 Dec 2013NepeanDivision 1 Team Championships
50m Breaststroke Lap25m39.81-1 Feb 2014WindsorWOSA SC Regionals
50m Butterfly Lap50m34.73-2 May 2014WindsorAmanda Reason Invitational
100m Butterfly Lap25m1:26.25-14 Dec 2014Pointe-ClaireInvitation Provinciale AA ...